curry a la MB

Both are not so common . Many dun even know they exist.

Quite a few don't bother since got other choices like roti canai and chicken / fish curry .

Next time you must try these 2 , in da small town . Do not forget or else...

They are good & cheap , and real.

click pix above to enjoy the best mutton curry in the whole of Perak
or your RM back !

Indian roti vadai RM0.50 & mutton ( laMB ) in curry RM3.50

An Xplosive combination indeed

Siva Sakhti Curry House
Taman Sentosa ( near 7-11 )
Ayer Tawar
great Perak

NB : This post is dedicated to the 2 MBs ( Mentri Besar , "Chief Minister") of Perak
Both love
mutton curry for its Xtreme strength giving properties

One hails from Pasir Panjang ( Sitiawan ) , the other ...lovely Pangkor Island
but one is an imposter
( means not real )
which one ? ( they look da same )


J2Kfm said…
must try? in Ayer tawar?!! good , timely!

i find nothing of interest in Ayer Tawar lah..though passing by every time going lumut/manjung/sitiawan.
minchow said…
Haha, the MB saga infiltrates our favourite teatime snacks. Perak will forever now be cursed with this lil predicament, too many "me-too" cooks spoiling the perfect curry stew!
Vivien said…
swallowing saliva, looks so yummy and i am hungry now
Selba said…
seriously.... I'm drooling right now!!!
Bangsar-bAbE said…
Vadai looks so fluffy! RM3.50 is really cheap for mutton curry...
Ciki said…
hahahaha.. Xtreme strength huh ?! lol
Tummythoz said…
J2Kfm! Going soon? Tapau!
Anonymous said…
I love vadai - both the fluffy and crunchy varieties... But never tried them with mutton curry before. Looks good!

I'm actually gonna be in Perak next week, Ipoh and Kampar, I think. Wonder what else is good to eat there? :)
Kana said…
The mutton curry especially good!
You are right of course , it offers nothing exciting only because bsg came and dig some local kampung naturals out, but the price is stunning

but it made the dying state famous ( at least for a while )

TQ for coming over and the mutton is really tender and rated 4.3 of 5 by the team

did you know many men crave for mutton curry when they are low on voltage and need the rejuvenating whooosssh to bring da bodi back into aggressive attacking mode , again ?

we suspect they also gave us a double whammy on da plate but charged us normal , such is the generosity of the little town people when they see a Big Nikon and enthusiastic customers

cumi ciki
why , you cannot believe ah ? OK we will show you

You better come here direct lah they want to see the outdoor fair you also

Kampar - dun miss the chicken curry inside the big bun and the famed kampar fish balls
of course the old town white coffee in the real old town
near the Ipoh Padang .also dun forgit to stare at the fair ladies
.finally the democracy tree where you must take your wide grinning photo-portrait

Hi there ! yes its good indeed , da best
worldwindows said…
The search for the best curry mutton kind of ended for me at Steven's Corner in KL. I have a soft spot for this. Can eat anytime and anywhere though in moderation.
Anonymous said…
very interesting,very delicious,