avant garde fine dining

usually occupying prime & strategic frontStreets...anywhere

of the junk food kind

but V R lovin' it...too ( omcG ! )


Ciki said…
McG? is dat new?!
Selba said…
Eh... ya.. what is the G for?
Tummythoz said…
RM5.95. M so lovin it indeed!
minchow said…
Oh My Cringing God? Hahahaha. I like how as we're snorting grease, we can gaze up in our highness and imagine that we too have absolutely flat abs yoga'ing on a spotless beach somewhere.
k.t.x said…
it's dawg food u know? but at times, dawg food is good for sustenance....lol.
cumi ciki/selba
oh no its OMG !

we also like TT

we have just the spot for you !
flat & curvy

must be coz its the biggest / fastest doggone centre in da world world...