Ali has come , at last

Style or substance ?

never mind...feel da PoWer !

big black ( bb ) coffee cup . in & potent white logo
bold n beautiful ( BB )

hot battleground
poised for de aTTack !

the arsenal 1
capped & ready

command center
waiting 4 D President

Ali Cafe
Proudly Malaysian
( tongkat ali the power root )

...let the action begin

Kelana Mall
Kelana Jaya
Petaling Jaya

all prices comparable with the
incredible Old Town White Coffee


Anonymous said…
Haha, a Tongkat Ali cafe/kopitiam! Perfectly Malaysian! :D

Now, tell us faithful readers of yours... have you tried the tongkat ali coffee and does it work? LOL
worldwindows said…
Just met with their GM last week. They understand local palate. The smell is stronger than the bite. Kacip Fatima Coffee anyone?
choi yen said…
Tried their TTDI outlet, food pricing are on the higher side :(
minchow said…
'twas only a matter of time before the power of the root multiplied into the rewarding domain of F&B retail. Were you enlightened on the benefits of the root for the fairer sex??
HairyBerry said…
and for a moment i thought u were gonna discuss the latest mesyuarat beramai-ramai looking at the title. we need power and strength. welcome, ali!
Bangsar-bAbE said…
I was wondering the same thing as Life for Beginners...does it work? =P
teckiee said…
ehhhh so near my houseeeee....i near used to be my houseeeeee hahahahhaha
It works only when the other party thinks it works !( serious)
and most of the time some are satisfied and will ask for a return performance!

so the GM must have learnt well from you ! Fatima and Ali are doing well , and happy... right !

one of us complained badly that service was bad , this KJ outlet especially one pretending we din exist
( a common trait of many fresh workers/waitresses or issit their shy culture ?)

of course the fairer sex thinks "that" Malay Gym down da road has done a great job, tho nagging doubts still lingers from time to time. There is such a thing called effects are "unsustainable" over prolonged usage or issit over the long run

the PWTC Mesyuarat has gone on from bad to worse , harbinger of terrible things to Come, Ali notwithStanding ( we had great beginning hopes , tho we suspect the ending is wraught with unsolvable concerns)

You have touched on a most interesting( mysterious and mystical ) and exciting ( no doubt controversial)topic the answer of which we can only tell with extreme clarity after just a few more tests ...
we are looking for sweet & heightened positive volunteers ! anyone out there dearests ? satisfaction yet to be guaranteed
haha !

thoz Kembangan oso got ?
Selba said…
A few years ago, I got instant white coffee sachet as a gift from my friend... It's really good and made me full of energy!!! I even asked another friend to bring some for me when she went to Msia.

But then, later on, realized that there's tongkat ali inside the drink. Didn't know what tongkat ali is until someone was laughing so hard when he found out I drank that kind of drink. Haaaa...
tigerfish said…
Such a name, aiyo...
seriously that power root is a myth , thanks to those overpaid marketing gurus ! sugar in high doses will give you temporary surge of energy ! as is positive thinking too ,:D haha

anything that say can make a man more than a man is something !