verdict : failed with flying colors

No doubt , they look scrumptious and drool of cOlors

the ever familiar totally loyal oldy crowd
why...its an old place

fantastic looking sliced BBQ meats , lovingly spiked
they are rare , totally different from the roadside smokey joe sallehs
absolutely sweetened & fattened
so gorgeous looking promising !

in de famous Ipoh old town

Chinese satay with pork & chicken pieces ! RM0.60 each

but, terribly subdued by a meek over-peanutted sauce


Ciki said…
what happened ? jatuh standard kah
Jackson said…
is that satay pork intestine in the middle ?
worldwindows said…
What happened to Kong Heng. Transition gone bad? Have not been there for maybe 20 years! I like their sate very much.
choi yen said…
I saw spare parts satay :P! said…
You know what's probably happening? The original cooks of the shop are still there cooking... while at the same time getting older and older.

And they are likely not teaching the craft to their children because they want them to be doctors, lawyers, business men.

It's quite sad but happening alot everywhere in Malaysia now a days.

tigerfish said…
Bad! But reckon that if the satay is fatty + lean balanced, can do without sauce? Hahaha...who am I kidding?
cumi ciki
maybe we Perak & Eli both facing tsunami so we kinda off taste n furious

dark one is liver and the other strange one is the white thing found commonly in lok lok vans ( some kind of crunchy tube)

just that the supposedly hot sauce is overfull of lame peanut bits and overnutted the meats

that is a mixed chicken and pork satay with liver and tubes !

the service is excellently fast tho while the meats are succulent enough but we are not impressed by the quality of the sauce which we rank far below the quality of a good Malay version. True , their kids are now into fine dining too , not rough old man's stuff !

we will love to be kidded by you , without the sauce !
J2Kfm said…
since got rumors they re-cycle the the peanut sauce, i've never eaten another stick. hahahah ....
now that you mentioned it, it did taste familiar
Unknown said…
wah. the satay cost 60 cents now?
Ciki said…
the white one is Fallopian TUBE??!! izit?
Jason said…
Sad right? Used to love their satay a lot last time...