royal mini

Beautiful Kuala Kangsar (KK , in the Malaysian state of Perak , "silver") by the river banks in the old days was a once-a-year gambling den with a black-haired black-mustachoed Sultan, with the notorious stiff looks.

Together with neighboring Center of the Universe Ipoh , abundant fair maidens in every nook , corner and backlane smile & tease ( some say soothe) , bringing untold happiness to many virile men ( & misery to a few other women )

Perak was truly the pride of the nation...De place to go !

KK the Royal Town today, in festive mood ...plastered with big memorabilias of some kind of silver jubilee celebration .

Tho just a few days earlier , a major eruption ( Richter scale 8.8) from a massive horde of furious Democracy ( reformasi ) demonstrators by the tens of thousands protesting violently against the current silver-haired Sultan for his ( among other controversial issues ) unusual haste in supporting a BN led offensive for the post of a brand new Mentri Besar , replacing the current Peoples' Choice...
...just outside a State Building , stunned the otherwise peaceful nation & the world...

You should come visit the place now, it is very peaceful & still beautiful with no noisy demonstrators in sight. See , its empty !

Then catch this young man in the famous old van nearby.
We never miss this part of history

Different from the Penang nyonya version
the noodles are less slippery
minus all the frills

simple , small ( miniature ) & nice , rated 8.8 of 10
why...only RM1.50 !

so can bungkus 10+5 , for the city folks

no more big noisy crowds


stevenphoon said…
I like the laksa so much..
when I back to my hometown, Kuala Kangsar, this is a must for tea-time 10.30am and 3.30pm!!
wmw said…
I like the title Royal Mini!
Selba said…
So interesting!

the noodle definitely looks yummy.
choi yen said…
Definitely a hot talikg issue now, Perak o Perak.....
HairyBerry said…
sometimes, the heavy storm blows when the delicious, peaceful, calm laksa is being devoured with such affection and perhaps with a good cincau but sometimes, when the pedas come to us without a sign, we will need water. more of it because we really like the laksa. only then will the storm be braved.
Ciki said…
1.50? that is amazing!
Hi and yes we love this tiny laksa too !

Tks , its small so can take 3 at one go ! come see the royal town

the noodle is a little sticky so it will be close to you...

we heard the sultan was blackmailed !
you shud have seen the tsunami caused by the (finally revealed) sultan's true colors

actually its only half normal size ! Gotcha !
Anonymous said…
OMG RM 1.5! Really unbelievable. How do they survive? Anyway, seems little things inside the noodles...
Tks for your comments and yes they are cheap ( only because they are small ,like half PJ portion)
cocoadeluxe said…'s good to read something about my hometown... even the photo you took from Bukit Chandan (sungai perak)looks beautiful...