the road warrior

We are honored to have the privilege of working side by side with this mini cutting edge wannabe Road Warrior ( eee pc 1000H ) and the usb (Hua Wei) stick , enabling us to Blog anywhere , anyplace ( sort of ).

Until we came face to face with the real thing. The original . The Classic . The state of the Wok.

Here he is ...presenting the incredible ( page from the past ! ) ...

We are greatly humbled...

circa 1960s man with the Cart

those ageless yellow strands

trusty equipment / tools par excellen-te

here you are , sir

the immortal mee goreng mamak RM3
rated many stars

the Road Warrior ( 40 over years young ) , Feb 2009
a National Treasure

since 1960s
Teluk Batik , Pundut , Lumut, Sitiawan , Seri Manjung

now here beside the Lumut-Seri Manjung road
daily 12 to 4

sometimes things never change


Keropok Man said…
I have a huawei stick too! but it's always kept at home.

the noodles look delicious!
oh, they wrapped them in plastic. can see what it is and drool...
l said…
Hahah.. a real vintage road warrior! I love that picture of the noodles wrapped in the plastic bag... Best shot of street food I've seen all year. :)
Hahah.. a real vintage road warrior! I love that picture of the noodles wrapped in the plastic bag... Best shot of street food I've seen all year. :)
Echoing LFB's comment... best street food shot, perhaps ever! Modern road warrior blog-enabler kowtows to the original badass swashbuckling mobile soldier!
worldwindows said…
Thinking of the mamak mee goreng in Ipoh Padang. Wonder if its still there?
Nic (KHKL) said…
when classic meets technology, you get nothing short of excitement and happiness lost and found that we so need and want to see. we miss a good, really good mee goreng. oh yes, we so do. thanks team bsg and hua wei.
how can you keep the little BIG ONE in the house , he should be out roaming romancing the luscious fields and the exotic nooks and mysterious corners - where the true love actions are !

we shud have tapau for you ,
the epitome of the dusty roads and hot bodies

great to know we have awesome boisterous warm hugging close supportive true original authentic truesome traditional connoisseurs cum afficinados out there and here ! crouching and readying for the next hidden but up-turned rocks n nooks

world windows
we are sure he's still there !

imagine , he has stoke that wok for more than 40 years more than a million times !
CUMI & CIKI said…
wow.. is he REALLY called the road warrior?! this is one guy i must look out for.. never tried but the last picture is really nice - captures his ancient skills and seriousness about cooking great noodles!(But have to go to Teluk batik, pundut, sitiawan... dunno when can la.. :P)
Tummythoz said…
Looks kinda lonely, no? No sit & eat arrangement?
Selba said…
Whoaaa... already 40 years? amazing!
Jason said…
Tabik for the warrior!
Simon Seow said…
Kanneh, I still saving up to buy HP Mini Note 1000. Wah, this road warrior sure is hard to find.
cumi & ciki
we bring you around , coz we are warriors 2

some are born lonely...thats why they become warriors or else they become lovers

yessirr !

we pray you can still see him next you come...

we heard the hp now going for a song, grab it quick !