flesh for vegetarians

Little India ( Brickfields {off KL Sentral , Kuala Lumpur }) is a vibrant zone for the spicy connoisseur , where crowded & haphazard roadside yellow & green garlands fuse with the aroma of pungent sweets.

Here there are many budget hotels & all things Indian. And enough eating sheds , stalls & restaurants for the dedicated Gluttons to once again enjoy karmanic chlorophyll vegetarian meals side by side with the bloodthirsty animal eaters !

Unlike orthodox Chinese vegetarian offerings which aim to look , feel & taste spiritually like meats ( but are really to-fu plants et al ) here the muscular things are offered as an adjunct to greens or vice versa.

Finally... at last ! ... docile vegetarians can now live happily ever after with the cruel carnivores , under the same roof !

While not exactly top notch , this big & spacious corner lot with
certain co-inhabiting outside stalls ( even a Chinaman CKT )
beside the traffic lights ( as you go towards Bangsar fron KL Sentral ) is fast , efficient and impressively inexpensive.

A promising 4 veges + white rice banana leaf meal for 2 (estimated RM10)
+ 2 orange fried chicken drumsticks (est RM6)
+ 2 sharp nose fishes (est RM4)
+ 1 lime juice (est RM1.30)
+ 3-in-1 curry gravies

was only RM17.30

You should definitely try this one ...
...it doesn't bar harmless notebooks in their premises
unlike some mad ! neighboring hot-shots down da road !


Selba said…
Definitely gonna try it when I got chance to visit the place :)
minchow said…
What a sweet, karma-restoring deal! Brickfields remains the spiritual centre of big badass KL, even if one would have to fight hard to stay on the vegetarian course, given the temptation from the bright neon orange of the chicken drumstick.
Ciki said…
for a minute there i thot that chicken was vegetarian.. lol:D

must be the 'realest' chicken iv seen !
hmmm this is just opposite my office!
choi yen said…
y vegetarian got fried drumstick?
Anonymous said…
"... enjoy karmanic chlorophyll vegetarian meals side by side with the bloodthirsty animal eaters !"

I love that sentence so very much. Blardy funny. Hee.
worldwindows said…
Cheap! Really white rice and redddish brown deep fried drumstick and that promising looking batter coated spiced infused sharp nosed fish.
its de place for overall Indian food in KL !

we know you will love this , coming fresh from the vegetarian BLR thaipusam

canot , the realest chicken we will wait to see...soon

why we din see you one ?

thats the marvellous thing about this area !

next time we do it again with the great writer then you can make up a fantastic thriller worthy of your LFN blockbusters of 2010

if in Raju PJ ( Gasing ) would have been RM25 !
Anonymous said…
Who bars notebooks?
the other corner lot down the road. Got big poster warning of dire consequences
Anonymous said…
you mean that fancy shmancy wannabe indian resto ar? I haven't been to that one yet.
we'd love to hear you give him a piece of your mind !