a night in high county

Carlsberg Malaysia Shah Alam

the co host & the occassion
...thxs lis , JT for the present & future bounties...

big onot ? !

my one bigger

carlsberg-ed & happy


Anonymous said…
can I know who to contact to visit carlsberg brewery?
Ciki said…
Oooo nice .. why never invite me?! lol:P
Babe_KL said…
nice to see you guys again :D
try lisa
tel 60 3 7725 2500

we were disappointed you din show up ! How can ? So when ah ?

yes , and you still are gorgeous !
Anonymous said…
Nice to have finally met you guys. :-) Here's to more chance meetings, eh?
rokh said…
yes it was fun, agree with lemongrass, maybe we all shall meet again :)
hehe ya nex is coming soon

We have missed you that night , how trajic ? Always wanted to chat with you ! we shall definitely meet again !TQ