its true , anybody also can cook


Buy the sauces & steak ( look like it one ) from Tesco . Throw the piece of meat into the pan with the butter. When the red meat becomes da black meat after some minutes , remove from pan and throw on white ( must be this color ) plate. Pour the white or the brown sauces over it .

Then add yesterday's leftover french fries from Mcdonalds and the cucumbers from the backyard .

If got salt & pepper will be even better.

Enjoy your meal !

Can open wine ( white or red {preferred} ) if you got it , then food taste got or not dun matter at all .

Trust us


Unknown said…
tot also buy a packet of fries from tesco and put it in the oven. :-)
i reckon put high heat..then meat onto pan..both sides..then switch off fire..then some butter with heat off to stir in with the juices that oozes out..

both onto plate..then pour sauce..


been eating home made pan fried steak so many days liao..abit expert d..
worldwindows said…
Don't have to worry about under- or over-cooking when it is beef, right?
HairyBerry said…
DIY is now hot like the deep-fried crunchy chicken thanks to the books and the tv and the soaring prices of eating out (is the climax here or we shall painfully wait?). good job there, team!
Anonymous said…
No need da tesco sauce oso nice wan.
Ciki said…
wa... u grow cucumbers in your backyard ar ;)
Babe_KL said…
got tomatoes in your backyard or not??? :p
Selba said…
Hahaha.... yeah, everyone can cook!

Whoa... I didn't know that people like to keep their mcdonalds french fries as leftovers... not finished it in one time eating?
choi yen said…
chicken or beef?
Tesco has become many peoples' best friend

the real expert steakman !

in fact as long as it doesn't get really pitch Black , it should be fine !


together with carlsgold & lemongrass best...

somebody throw inside one

we are still trying hard but not easy becoz too soft

the thing is sometimes the fries when too long becomes soggy and so have to reheat

beef is best