the plain spicy noodle

Most residents from suburbs outside Kuala Lumpur dread to enter the City , unless they have to...

For eg must grab 88% discounts from Mega-Sales in Mid Valley , must see KLCC's latest once-a-life-time Egyptian Mummy Expo & must buy 1 netbook free 2 desktops PC Fair offers held at the 1st 2nd 3rd or 4th floors of the KLCC Convention Centre ...

...or they work in the City

But we are here again, where else

Time : Friday 1.30 pm
The lunch crowd of mostly Chinese office workers
with table-ful of female companions is staggering !

The star noodle dish ( a pan mee variant ) we thought was
over dry...

flavored solely with decent crunchy fried ikan bilis accompanied by the burnt grainy salty & little hot black chili paste at the sides , then topped with a lumpy whiter than white fried egg .

Being rather busy , the tasteless egg-enhanced soup with green leaves came many minutes later when we were half done , thank God the ok fishballs had soup too !

A rather un-outstanding experience
( but the echolicious blast of the extra noisy full crowd was thundering ! )
RM5 for the red bowl shop-made noodles seems fair.

BSG Verdict : only a convenient noodle shop for the nearby office workers
not recommended for non-KLites
unless you so happen to be within a 3 km range...
( notwithstanding some famous food bloggers rating it 9 /10 )

Kin Kin ( light light in Hokkian )
Jln Dewan Sultan Suleiman 1(Off Jalan TAR)
Kuala Lumpur
Opposite side of Tune Hotel
near the Honda Showroom
beside a tyre shop


Bangsar-bAbE said…
Haven't tried kin kin, but I've tried Super Kitchen (apparently they are rivals) in Dataran Sunway.

Thought it was quite tasty, but my colleagues tell me kin kin is better wor...
HairyBerry said…
sweat is what u get when 3 tbsps of dried chili is added...yes, perhaps heat numbs the buds and the taste will go wild...nice but flour noodle need a good soup and on the souther behind old hankyu jalan is soup pan mee though with more oil (not spicy) with slurpy (salty) soup.
minchow said…
Have yet to try this myself, despite all the praises that practically EVERYONE's been singing. I suppose there's only one way to know for sure!
we din find the noodles particularly inspiring. Infact we will give it a 5.5 of 10

nice name and nice to pop by ! Its too dry and doesn't strike you if you never hear of it ! ( the problem with many oversold hot shots )

now that you mention it , the noodles taste heavy of flour and so nothing else can save it ! ( except stout !)

just remember to try it if you are near ok . We will love to hear your seasoned Pg views
worldwindows said…
I eat in downtown KL on opportunity basis rather than because of necessity. Brickfields or the fringes of KL are manageable. The dried Pan Mee looks delectable as I think the chili paste and dry noodles are compatible and makes a good match.
Anonymous said…
Nice concept but perhaps not the best execution? Hmm.
it is decent but not great

some flavorer is certainly missing,we are comoaring with some Nyonya delights which are far superior in many depts !
tigerfish said…
So is it plain OR spicy ?;p
Ciki said…
not recommended for non-KLites
unless you so happen to be within a 3 km range...!!! lol.. how true.. sometimes the jam is enough to put you off. what more if you arrive and find the shop close ! (it's not like you can call the coffee shop rite;P)
very plain. not a pan mee nor a hot mee. But we are hot ok

do not try this if you haven't. it failed in 4 depts