head he wins

After some faked F1 overhead curves and downward spirals from the Federal Highway (as you enter Kuala Lumpur City from Petaling Jaya) , you will find this 25 year old stall in Kg Attap .Beside the slope and under a tree. Of course it is packed with the familiar looking lunch crowd, who are lining up for the nasi campur.

Go get your seat if you are lucky ( without waiting ) and place your order with the busy waiter who looks like the captain. Show him the big camera and he will quickly get the big head ready.

this RM3 drumstick is surprisingly good and you must not miss it.

the freshly boiled palm sized fish( jenahak) head with the generous curry gravy . Very tasty and may justify its monstrous price tag of RM40

Happy customers

Kampung Attap Curry Fish Head
a bsg top 3


Selba said…
I want the drumstick!!! *drooling*
minchow said…
Chunky camera begets swift service! Satu lagi peha!
Ciki said…
I LOVE this chicken! curry fish head also good.. but office lunchtime means sweat like hell! Go back to office also smell like fishhead!
we will reserve 3 for you when you come

ya , nati kita belanja kala-ok

ya mean delicious natural scent of luscious love !
Babe_KL said…
eh i thot someone told me they shifted to a shoplot? so apparently not la, phew lucky you blog otherwise will be looking for them like headless chicken :D
they are still good ! and expensive !
ling239 said…
their curry fish head is very very good!! ^O^
Anonymous said…
story over,,too expensive,,food is the same standard like most other fish head curry shops,but since the day they took over the conner shop beside the stall ,the price has gone up,,same story with Rest Kg Pandan ,,too expensive,,