hainanese you got try ah ?

Hainanese Beauty
At one discreet PJ backlane , a few ancient sounding imperial names have become famous. Like the Chinese restaurant chain Teo Chew Meng ( of Penang fame ). Naming a place as so & so China/Chinese is now so in voga , as immaculate Ip Man drew incredible new insights into the once upon a time reclusive Kingdom . The Chinese are extremely proud of their long heritage..and taste , to the point sometimes of abrasive obsession .
And so before you embark on that long awaited Chinese Escapade to new fantasy isle dun be deterred by cliches of that "business-minded" Hokkian girl , the sinister Shanghainese , the demure Suzholese , that dangerous Canto alley or those rough Fuzhou balls .

No worries if you are unable to enjoy the complete Hainan Island thrills... just a taste or 2 from some nearer one will do .

She says she's the original...and so on
well , she's nice & we dun doubt her statistics ...but err well...

still they do look a bit raw , soupy & all that

the fish cake slices are damn good tho
reaching the level of D Ulu Yam

while the "star" noodle dish is just so flat & plain ( without the make-ups)

Prices are in between food courts and high end cafes

so its safe to get that taste , once in a blue moon ( eh ,why not ? )

Restoran Hainanese Taste
SS 2/30
Petaling Jaya


worldwindows said…
This good stuff esp the fish cakes and the common but delicious noodles that comes in different sizes, colours and tastes.
Anonymous said…
Looks very sanitary. But I suppose the test is in the taste.
Selba said…
I only familiar with Hainanese chicken rice :)
HairyBerry said…
it's an neverending circle of the fantastic culinary journey of the chinese from the canto to the hokkien to the hakka and now, we come back to hainan. and we look forward to more, and if good, we want more and more!

and that priceless picture of the team with the herb (some call spice) is awesome and the hairy one can only wish to be there to meet the fantastic team.
tigerfish said…
I absolutely love mee pok! Is it vinegar-based?
choi yen said…
There was 1 restaurant sell mee pok near my office but closed down liao :(
Tummythoz said…
Think the only Mee Pok I had was from an instant noodle packet.
Bangsar-bAbE said…
So the real "star" were the fish cakes la, right? The rest were forgettable?
good tho not in the category of curry mee , assam laksa etc

thats becoz its under the shadow of the great colorful nyonyas

we are familiar with some sensational hainanese ladies

the hairy one to many red blooded women is to die for or issit to be swallowed within 2 shattering shots?

yes dearest

no vinegar here !

there's one superb one with 33 steps in Sunway Pyramid

then it is time !

b Babe
yes you are right ! and welcome to BSG ! we shud meet in bangsar soon !
ling239 said…
Hainan ?
but in mandarin there stated Teow Chew leh! XD
are they the same ? @_@