friday the thirteenth

the other side of Lumut

the 12th dainty step

deep inside palm gardens

beware the Roar of the Jungle !

presenting the smooth slippery glass noodles
wilderness version

fair squids fried to excellent whites

egg-oystered till oversoft

the next time , be brave ...hop , skip &
"jump" over from the Lumut Jetty

all for RM39

off Damar Laut (near Damai Laut Laut Resort )
Perak ( here we go again )


minchow said…
OMG! Just occured to me! RM39 is divisive by 13! How freaky is that!! I did some Math without a calculator!
choi yen said…
the oyster so small until i cannot see =.=''
Michelle said…
very long din eat fried squid d..
miss miss..
sigh.. i need good food!!!
happy valentines btw!~
for me.. it's Happy Single's Awareness Day!! =P
we knew must be the one...

also too soft

we were waiting for you !
all da time...