the naked chick

Picture Perfect

the backstreet Jln Pudu Kuala Lumpur
(the printing press zone Jln Brunei )
Chinese chicks hideaway

That irresistible look

sexy nude succulent bodies all in a row, very tempting
choose at your pleasure
starting from one leg

then gently glide deep inside to caress
the long,the curving, the dark mysteries lying within

perfect color. perfect feel . perfect flavors . textured al d-perfecto .

so mouth watering !


But...half the time the tender Promise is broken, yet again
shattering the Dream before it begins

for many a flesh while looking so soft & desirable
nowadays is actually so much tougher, rougher than it looks

a Classic Backlane Beautiful Flop ( CBBF) , this one...
...once again proving that looks can be all deceiving

inside out


choi yen said…
I love oil rice of chicken rice, so fragrant :)
Selba said…
Woohoooo... definitely a perfect color for the rice.
Anonymous said…
Ditto in agreement: The colour of the rice prromises flavours that will excite and entice even the most jaded of palates.. :D
minchow said…
That was a punch in the gut! How can rice that looks the perfect shade of chicken essence be paired with tough chicken? Kitchen makeover, now!
HairyBerry said…
the book and the cover are two different things and sometimes omg we are blinded. for who can resist oriental flesh with yellowish psychic garlic and hot chill-y taste but orientals are now ABC, i'm afraid. i miss classics....
chicken rice if the rice if done well is almost perfect ! One such place is Sg Buloh NV

quickly come over then

we have found people who eat only the rice ! and reject the chicken

even the commercial Chicken Rice Shop makes far more tender chicken

we have discovered to our horror that many classics of old ( eg Gasing , lou wong, nam heng etc have lost the exquisite tenderness of young or issit of old )
Ciki said…
i was distracted by the cheong sam.. hahaha
we were devastated !