ah choon coconut

in a Chinese fish food place near the Port

definitely a Chinawoman

red is happy

so is she , our Saigon friend

this one is cooked but raw RM5

flat prawns without head & shell in dried hot chilis plus many onions RM8

Teo Chew steamed white something ( puny ) fish with
extra much ginger & salted vegetables RM22

you win some lose some
near Lumut Port

Kampung Aceh , Lumut
( proudly a part of d now world famous Perak of Malaysia )

epicenter of the next Malaysian revolution


Unknown said…
ya, epicenter of the next revolution.


that taugeh looks absolutely delicious!
worldwindows said…
Its time for me to go back to Lumut and Pangkor for my holidays!
J2Kfm said…
oh and i';ve always wondered what's over at Kg Acheh.
seafood also lah?
ok ok ... nite only ah?
Selba said…
Raw bean sprout... that must be crunchy :)
Anonymous said…
I love how the Next Malaysian Revolution is not a Top Model or Bottom Politician but some good makan place. ;)
tigerfish said…
I hate raw tow gay! But I think raw fresh coconut is ok. ;p
it is coming...

lumut welcomes you !

day and nights, try the other Hailam seafood opposite

crunchy , yes !

trouble is , for us all are revolutions 1

you dowant the toddy ah ?
Vivien said…
hey, looks good and cheap, but no in KL :\