they must be nuts !

indeed they are !

these famed 120g Menglembu ( Ipoh , Perak ) roasted salty peanuts
even if 2 say they are from Indonesia

they look da same taste the same
still so easy going & ever accomodating
hard & cholesterol free ( so can eat & munch non-stop )
then can throw spent shells anywhere you like

ever since the team has gone missing , or dis-appeared
this has been the staple diet of the writer minus the golden brew

note: the RM1.80 left hand still leads by a thumb tho
&...YES !

we will be back after the break
as soon as the Golden Tsunami strikes in a few days


worldwindows said…
Though from Ipoh I prefers Sempalit red skin peanuts. Drive me nuts each time I have the cannot put it down sessions. Crunchier, tastier and stronger peanuty smell.
CUMI & CIKI said…
Nutz about nutz! have a nutty new year!

Aiyoh, nuts can be sooo addictive!! Just like everything else....hehe. Happy CNY!!
*slaps forehead* I forgot to stock up!! How can I forget?! Nuts for the nuts that come a-calling for the annual put-me-downs, nuts to comfort me of my lunar apprehension! Thank you BSG! To Jusco I go!
mimid3vils said…
Can't miss this when CNY hor....
Tummythoz said…
The popping and crackling sounds could almost make up for the fire crackers'. *sigh* How I miss the you burn my new dress, I light your hair days.
teckiee said…
no wonder all of u are so! Happy Chinese New Year!
tigerfish said…
Even the thumb in that "Thumb" brand peanuts looks kinda different.
Rasa Malaysia said…
Hey guys - Happy CNY! :)
Nic (KHKL) said…
how can we watch a spectacular coming of a golden tsunami without a popnut all the way until the day where chinese valentino catch mandarin from the river for some fun and games....we like.

happy chinese new year, team bsg!
worldwindows said…
Happy Chinese New Year to you and your family.
lucia said…
hey, i'm nuts over nuts! yep i love nuts very much - all sorts.

happy new year to tonixe and the gang here in BSG.
To all fellow food / other bloggers & friends , Happy New Year !
May we continue to share & care,
Thank You
hApPy HaPPy said…
Hello, when I start my beer I always look for nuts especially groundnuts but they say no good for health... i enjoy your blog. keep it up.
k.t.x said…
gawd, i actually bought 4 packs of cool groundnuts. 90% of em are triple loaded and purplish in colour, with a roasted flavor. damn nice. given all but one.