a great penchant for eating out , small towns

Some learned already beaten ( eaten) friends have declared unabashedly that small towns will be the natural sanctuary from the oncoming fiercest storms in decades , in the not too distant future.

Why ? We ask . Because everything is cheap .

Correction we say , because nothing is cheap , maybe not expensive we countered.

Still no matter what... take fOod 4 eg

their vibrant coloRs & down to earth demeanors have lifted our saggg...ging spirits , yet again

for instance chickens simply roasted can be yet so beautiful , and taste superior to that oversized 24 Dec Christmas turkey ( urggghhh ! ) , everytime

and these size middle finger sea prawns from the nearby sea
as crunchy fried as they can ever be

exotic wild boars galore . tough , lean & mean
just got from the tapioca wilds

fish maw or fish bladder or issit fish stomach or belly , MacAir bag or ?
no matter, its piping delicious !
this kind of thing can only be from Ayer Tawar, Perak

the most famous food in the whole world

beautiful Chinese cuisine from the small towns
cities of the future


Anonymous said…
I enjoyed more photos now. Great!!! Oh yah wildboars meat too, long time never tried.
J2Kfm said…
where is this? pray tell.
we were always at lost in Ayer Tawar. a mere transitional town between ipoh n lumut/manjung/sitiawan.
wmw said…
Happy New Year BSGs! Here's to more backstreet food discoveries in 2009!
Ciki said…
happy 2009 guys!MacAirbag.. good one.. u guys should patent that name... :)
HairyBerry said…
where there are not many who are fortunate to get a good taste of what local chinese food is, the small towns make a good degustation trip that will make us forget what Macs are and smell the fresh green green oriental leaves of home and complete with a nikonized prawns and boars we yumminise.
worldwindows said…
Where's Ayer Tawar :-) Serious. Perak. Near Taiping or Sitiawan. Or?
Tummythoz said…
How many hours from KL? After Ipoh or before? My teachers took back all my geography knowledge amongs many other things.
boo_licious said…
Happy New Year! Hurray for small towns. Love their food so much more vs expensive fine dining. Pssst, is this that corner place in Ayer Tawar, sun hong siong or something like that???
minchow said…
Yes we choose our tough meat wisely. Turkey, rubber yucky western imperialist tough but small town wild boar, kampung rustic cool tough :-)
there's wild boars almost daily here being slightly cheaper than tame boars

for more detailed Sitiawan eats go to my lumut, this shop is the cheapest coffee shop with the big fry dishes in Ayer Tawar being just after the AT Post office and to the right of the first traffic lights immediately after that... called Thui Ho Li, if you are heading towards Sitiawan. But then again there are a few more classics ( see boo-licious' comments above)

TQ & happy new year . We await your next blockbuster into the dark unknowns !

its in the bsg patents office Oleadi that M-AB ,TQ !

one fine day we teach you how to catch male boars while they R chasing da females, beside the monkey park beside tha mangrove swarmp beside the seafood village

Ayer Tawar is 12km before Sitiawan if you are coming from IPOH & is the hometown of the country's first Chinese Deputy MB & where 2 bsg return every few months to restock on tapioca roots & Chinese red wine

sort of younger twin sister of Sitiawan , 12 km away with identical dialets

great that you have such fond memories of small towns ( like Pangkor Village / kampung chickens ? ) but you are almost right although this place thui ho li is on the opposite side nearer to Sitiawan & the great Sun Han Siong is now but a pale shadow of its glorious past...they were tops in the 60s to the 80s but now Beiking / Ah Hing / Lido in Sitiawan are the Chinese Top 3
how right you are...wish you were here !
ling239 said…
far far away in a far far away land hor ? :p