love @first bite

Our quickie adventure away from Kuala Lumpur the last new days re-acquainted us with these past & present lovers.

Happily they are still 20 to 30 % less expensive than the comparable ones in the capital tho not less tasty nor less lovable.

the open air evening stall , Off Giant Manjung , Perak

local woman local meatballs in
hot soup

sweety & slighty spicy RM3
...a rare item of Indonesian origin
under-performing sidekick rated only average

Opposite the Toyota 3S along the Sitiawan-Lumut road is this rare flat & white foldable bread , a Punjabi ( Indian ) staple with its trademark brown /black charred spots. Tear the flimsy bread with your bare hands then dip into the normal curries just like you do with roti canai .

Its an efficient filler that rapidly dulls your senses to your other loves

the dangerous, rough & burning oily hot fry with cut-short yellow noodles,
in messy black sauce & chillis with tofu fritters ,
and some vegetable stalks

a typical mamak ( Indian Muslim ) offering in Seri Manjung, Perak
RM 0.80 & 3.00 respectively
bsg rated 2.9 ( of 5 )

this Peninsular Malaysian East Coast darling of firm brown rice
( which some misinformed critics say are under-cooked rejects )
with trademark tuna fish slices in thick & grainy orange curry
& pickled cucumbers, red chillis, carrots and raw onions

today no tuna so daging also can

a bsg top 10 dish

followed by the mandatory Malaysian no 1 ( ...everybody is an expert !)

inside a popular breakfast/lunch Malay restaurant in Seri Manjung
RM2.50 each
3.47 stars of 5

beauties under the attap roof
1st class kampung ambience

somewhere in the coconut / cocoa plantations , our late lunch of
tomyam prawns inside fresh coconuts , some squids & oysters

plus D intoxicating 2some( true loves ) black & white
toddy & stout ( we found it ! ) RM7 a jug

Kg Cina, Sitiawan's famed seafood haven
caution : you must under order by 50 % !
rated 2.7 stars of 5

careful whisper

Lumut's ( gateway to Pangkor ) after 5 European Sanctuary
& the real thing...

perfect beverage ( RM10 a mug Carlsberg) ...
definitely not cheap & just like slick Bangsar Telawi ( KL )
all 4 just ?...but da real genuine authentic classic sea breeze omg !

Sitiawan's Big lepak ( lost & wandering ) corner

Align Centerthe famous Chinaman hawker king Rm3
most admired most copied

@ Red & Yellow , Sitiawan


Anonymous said…
Hehe, we know how you rate the hawker food... but how do you rate the BSG Pretty? ;)
branching into rating girls too? hahaha
HairyBerry said…
we can only watch in awe as the pretty bsg and the delicious char kway teow come under one journey of malaysian discovery of everything good and nice. the green, the envy and the salivating. me.
J2Kfm said…
wow. crawled Manjung and Sitiawan like no tomoro.

and the other day (erm, weeks ago) i was alone in Manjung, looking for breajfast, yet foundnone.

ate at McD only. =P sinful.
NyonyaChef said…
Char Koay Teow vs BSG girl !!???Mmmmm sounds interesting,..your girl ?
Selba said…
Woohooo... there's mie bakso!!! Looks the same like the indonesian one :D
Faye fly said…
so wonder how tat mee bakso taste ..
happy 20096^
actually she's more than pretty , with those hair flowing glasses high but we can'r give rating on board yet

yeah , we do that all da time !

soon we believe you & pal nikon shud do a closer post like some jungle 150 km east of KL or maybe lake 300 km north to current really hot volatile epicenter KT ,notwithstanding the overwhelming yogic transcedental Indian Ocean near sri lanka which will then midway poise you strategically to unleash your full & final potential as a representative of the finest photo-gastronomic center in the world. That will be real awesome , Malaysia Bolih !

the next time call this no 012 - 324 6808 if you are in Sitiawan area for some local recommendations !

our girl really , yes but ckt is darker oiler most times ...not wet usually so...

yeah now that we know there's another sweet Indon door

what a nice name and tks for coming over to bsg !
that mee bakso tasted a lot like mee sup tulang though we think its too sweet ( omg , how can that be ?)
ling239 said…
sweety & slighty spicy meat balls ? @_@
sc said…
woah, that's quite a lot of food..the sitiawan seafood looks yums..
Ciki said…
eventhough prices are escalating, at least i know i can find good affordable food at this website! cheers boys:)
it doesn't taste like you can finis it

sitiawan seafood is efficient and boring

indeed most smaller towns are 25 to 40 % cheaper than KL/JB