A char kuey teow from Ipoh

From a corner usually near the drain ( obscure or not ) this steaming hot oily mess comes out as one of Malaysia's most well known roadside dishes with the saucy aroma permeating the whole of the coffee shop where the clanking show normally is staged . Or under the tree as the case may be.

So where is the best CKT in Malaysia ? Ask the Penang guy he will say Penang , for her in KL she will say KL and ....& well for you ...it should be the one near your X office !

All of you are right , of course !

Taste is a very personal thing...

click on image to see clearer the improbable tiny raison D etre
( also known as see hum in Cantonese )

We only had 3o minutes so we tried this one in Ipoh Old Town ( the real one in Ipoh ) , and only gave it a 3.1 out of 5 , even though it is quite famous.

For more check out what our resident illustrious up & coming food blogger has to say, here , motormouth,Ipoh


J2Kfm said…
geezz, thanks for the compliments!!! hahahah ...

sometimes the CKT full of wokhei, very delicious, sometimes yucky ... wet and tasteless glob of nothings.

talk botu QC. RM3.50 for half (quarter) a plate somemore.
Anonymous said…
this CKT is the biggest rip-off ever la... RM3.50 and you get 3 spoonfuls of noodles and 5 cockles. I probably need 5 plates of this for lunch (serious)... At that price, I think eating in England also will be cheaper.
Anonymous said…
Hehe, we can have you doing all the CKT QC-ing for us ma, rite or not? :D
sc said…
there is no chinese fried kuay teow near my office at all! :( am so deprived...
whatever ppl say..i love the CKT here..its just..well different!
minchow said…
Hot oily messes make for very happy times indeed! Interesting version of CKT... 30 minutes well spent!
Ciki said…
worldwindows said…
I thought Ipoh CKT is fairer than this. Less heavy handed use of dark soy sauce.
NyonyaChef said…
We shall try out Riana's version CKT
we have a strange feeling the overall stds of the so called original classics throughout Malaysia are slipping slowly downwards , brought about by the incremental growth of dish breaking illegal immigrants and the new easy going lifestyle of the local legals

thats the problem if patrons continue to line up for his faded golden brew , as though there is no tomorrow, a common problem with some famous shops in KL too, Tks for visiting !

we shall cut Q or we move to the thai food fair !

you are actually very lucky , then you will be fairer and not so carbonated !

it does seem the more oily and fat the better in KL !

ckt should be very tasty when goodly fried with all those sausages and crunchy beansprout togethere with the oily lardy garlics in 1000 degrees heat but many are now lacking the supreme masterly touch of old , infact some say the Malay wet wetter version is good !

you must be talking about the sisters or Lrg selamat

we have seen all kinds of CKT now , with prawns & without and many got no see hum , some also got chicken meats one , and fish cake slices .

are you ready ? because we are !
tigerfish said…
the eggs are visible....love it!
Selba said…
The best CKT is from Penang, right?
HairyBerry said…
the ultimate of all things oily, spicy and yummy. plus an egg for all things raw and smooth. do take a ride on the 747 (restaurant) at sunway mas near the famous soft, melt in your mouth seremban mali char siew for their ckt. undersung, undersong, above average uncle ckt.
choi yen said…
I always feel "jelak" after I had my CKT lunch :P
Tummythoz said…
Add shrimps (3 ekor) and it's RM5. Sheesh. Taste no where near any Penang roadside stall. =P
this guy's specialty it seems is to cover the pint sized plate with the paper thin & torn scrambled egg

indeed the name derives from Penang !

that is really a gastronomic area for things Chinaman , which explains the great many nos here !

for one thing its oily , for another maybe your pretty clothes might have that burnt aroma !

what can we say , Penang has won more culinary / hawker / street accolates than we can ever say !
Jason said…
I think this CKT was just ok....

Happy CNY btw :)
if for eg, nobody talks about this shop it would have been , err ordinary ( just like so many other famous ones here & there , mostly near the office )