before & after midnight

Kuala Lumpur , the city of 2.88 million (or so) sanitised (religion is key) residents + 1.88 million illegal immigrants ( Malaysia , My 2nd Home ) , is not well known for heart pounding ( do first think later) nocturnal activities .

Still , when the clock strikes 12 past 12 , some action creatures ( of the night ) emerge from pockets of black & white , like that sleek medicine man in Batu Road extolling the virtues of Tongkat Ali and his blue/black viagric creams to an enthralled audience of passers by and that pleasure deprived VIP runner with his not so manly companion.

Nearby the Jalan TAR hardy Indon tradesmen and their ultra mobile petty textile women pushers ply their rojaky barangs imported duty free from around the world ( actually Thailand & China ) .

But here , in relatively frilless road called Jalan Raja Laut ( King of the Oceans , off Jalan TAR , off Chinese Tiong Nam near that famous Federal Cinema ) , it has been said some few hundred child & adult ghosts still roam without end trying to get in touch , for nearly 40 years now...

Meaty & herbal rich aromas filled the gourmet sidewalks here , side by side with neon lighted Ah Fooky lodging houses to your left & right. Gangs of dark silhouettes cluster around mopped up cars parked dangerously ( Malaysia Bolih ! ) along the yellow bus lanes .

Like expecting something BIG to happen in this dull city.

Never underestimate this lonesome busy street
...pent-up culinary/pleasure zones within await you
now that the sun is down
You will probably not meet this lovable 2some above here tonight
but then again everything is possible , honest

Along the fluorescent lighted corridors you can also join the late supper crowd
and have your fill of meaty exotika , earnestly preparing for Part 2

RM 8.80 for that acclaimed power shot

Good , now that you are fully loaded
continue to the mainShow , behind that corner

Guess they have been waiting all night long for you


Anonymous said…
"Good , now that you are fully loaded
continue to the mainShow , behind that corner

Guess they have been waiting all night long for you"

I love this paragraph! Powershot indeed! ;)
didnt know BKT also can use as aphrosidiac..
Tummythoz said…
Err sori but I find the black&white 2some quite scary-leh. ("-")
minchow said…
Oceanic adventure right in the middle of the ocean-less city, how does one say no?! Especially when the health benefits greatly surpass those extolled by medicine man right around the corner? :-)
J2Kfm said…
how to stomach BKT b4 bed?! hmmm ....
HairyBerry said…
in the dark, the faster than bullet lights come flashing from the riding mat (not salleh) as one devour the meat downstairs. the motorcycle speed bring wind so strong, who needs upstairs for pleasure. a view like no other than the 360 deg expensive tower.

and the branch has crawled to taman perindustrian kepong as well. yay...
choi yen said…
hot soupy food to warm ur tummy eh.. :)
Anonymous said…
Your post is a very interesting perspective on midnight snacking. :) Looks like a complete adventure on its own!

More power to your blog!
there are so many shows a night , ENJOY !

it was carefully crafted by that Klang Master to rejuvenate, invigorate & to aid the complete unleashing of one's true potential

not to worri dear we make them colorful just for you , version true colors

it should be a fun outing too for ladies you bet !

no problem , you can even have it after bed just after midnight !

haha , only you will know it like no other ! those thrills , those spills !

got so many of them cannot believe

thank Q so much for your great encouragement! Power shall come after all those fixes , then responsibility ! welcome to the world of BSG !
tigerfish said…
Before midnight I need to sleep, after midnight I need to sleep. If not, keep surfing food blogs like these will make me so hungry!! said…
This comment has been removed by the author.! said…
Wow usually a midnight snack for me is mamak or something like that... must admit I've not tried BKT for midnight snack... but it sounds damn good. haha.

Porky soup at midnight... so tempting... must give it a try.

Ciki said…
action creatures of the night... hungry and on the prowl... soon to be fully loaded !!