4 fish 4 four

Many people are horrified of fishy stories of how they might end up paying through their gills ( actually noses ) some RM400 a miniscule fish like at some hallucinatory Gourmet Lunch in Goh Tong Jaya ( "make him super rich" near Genting Highlands Casino, Pahang ) .

Many more will not dare to order fish for lunch or dinner coz they cannot tell whether it is from the ponds , the lakes or from the muddy sea ( or whether they are dead or alive) and then also they all look the same...what more after being covered from head to tail in brown gingery beany sauce and looking mostly invisible, and generally ugly.

Just to be quadrupally sure , you can try the following fish at these places here , for they will cost you below RM20 each ( or 1/2 of each of 1/2 a head , if you are lucky) .

So go for it since it is steamed fish you want !

Subang - Sg Buloh Highway just before the turn into Sg Buloh New Village, near the BHP petrol station. bsg 2.5 / 5

Sg Buloh new Village , the very lunch crowded popular cowboy styled stall /restaurant ( with a most charming friendly Boss's daughter ) right opposite the RHB Bank. bsg 3.3 /5

"Drunken Cat" on Peel Road ( off Jln Pudu ) , Kuala Lumpur. Delicate African fish with bean sauce. Sweet. bsg 3.5/5

and the winner is.....bsg 4.1 / 5
a bsg premium product
the best steamed tilapia fish in town
just a few doors away from the drunken cat
Hin Kee , Jalan Peel, Kuala Lumpur

bsg fish tip : eat only fish that is alive before you say yes(!)


shud b safe with tilapia..no rm400 tilapia swimming around..i hope..
Tummythoz said…
Promise no muddy smell? My cultivated in Pg tastebuds very sensitive-1.
Anonymous said…
Haha.. the countdown to the best fish in town. Btw, what is the drunken cat??
worldwindows said…
I prefers Penang - buy from the reputable fish mongers or fisherman's village and DIY by MIL. Or eat only at familiar tai chow. And lastly in those restaurants with a clear menu and price. Enough said as enough burnt.
choi yen said…
I love Tom Yam steamed Tilapia at my place :)
J2Kfm said…
oh Jln Peel! the place with the YTF right?

Hin Kee, got it! it's near to Maluri Jusco, aint it?
we have vivid memories of deep fried tilapia densed with semi raw garlic + tigers unlimited, served at a bsg's temporary restaurant in Mayang Mas some 3 years ago. The underfish tastes really good in the right hands ( as for Bkt Tinggi, near Selesa Hill Homes )& the right bellies

if you follow us we will make sure the Master Steamer includes the impeccable colorless Chinese alcoholic spirit to douse all traces of the mud or we will bring you to Sg Buloh next !

that is the name of the stall shed restaurant in Mandarin

the cardinal rule of eating fish is freshness, preferably not frozen and cooked simply without all those horrifying sambals / curries which the mamaks are unduly famous for

its not a bad fish at all and the deep fried version is superb

the road itself is pretty short , cowboyish and messy and near the carrefour and yes some short distance to jusco maluri, but with outstanding ancient chinese road food. you should have seen the killer place with the shining zinc roofs beside centuries old bamboo shoots before the road widening !
tigerfish said…
I love all da fish!
Wennn said…
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Wennn said…
Wish I hv some of those steamfish here in London... ALl the fish here are frozen.... Not nice at all.... Hmmmm miss it so much...:(
k.t.x said…
incidentally, i never attempt to order fish in china, because of its muddy odour which pisses me off, not to mention their style of cooking, jus does not appetite me. even if u offer me a dozen of tsingtaos to go with it....

btw, hello!! and happy nude year from Doha, coz i cannot actually access this pretigious blog of the BSGs in china....
Ciki said…
steam fish is the best... especially served in a fiery, sauce! wow... those photos remind me why i love fish... after pork:D
HairyBerry said…
the drunken cat, perhaps preserved under the magic of alcohol has been here longer that many carrefours put together. sometimes, in some expensive restaurants, the words fish and prawns will kill with its open mouth singing price. this drunken cat sings a different yummy tune instead.
ling239 said…
ok, ok
all i need is remember Hin Kee , Jalan Peel right ? ^_^
but you have all those fresh chips !

nice of you to drop in from the cold again ! have fun in Doha , great place !

cumi ciki
the other one we love is steamed pak su kong !

the magic of cheap fish is upon us

right dear !
Unknown said…
i love fish, whatever way you cook it. i will eat it all up!