the village multi-million plate wonder

from dusk to dawn

Couldn't sleep ? Feeling sleepy ? Hungry ? Cravings ? Too full of drinks ? Where got makan shops open at this crazy hour ? Want to eat rice ?

Ada ! Jangan takut !

Just head on over to this multi-award satisfier in da kampung ! right in da City !

welcome to KL's kampung baru kenalan seluruh dunia !

the international norturnal cool shed of culinary delights revealed

the plateful of ultra flaky & firm fragrant rice

a nasi lemak ( malam )
( "international") presentation , since 1970s
Kampung Baru , Kuala Lumpur
7 pm to 7 am daily
tickets starting from RM3 upwards


minchow said…
Ohh yes! Nothing like a late night santan fix while one ponders about urban life! With a full plate of condiments!
This place caters to late bloomers but not among the top in KL accoding to us