Travelling Siamese Teasers

Do you , like many , often get really disappointed , yet again...
... with another round of authentic traditional original Thai dishes ...
...served by look-alikes in
...faked environments ?

Don't give up !
Sometimes somewhere someplace like here is the real thing ...
Ta ta !

the Gardens@Tesco , Damansara Perdana
Petaling Jaya
showing daily on the way to the Curve

They got lots of divine teasers , greens, yellows, whites and so on

RM5 each

they smile , bow and always say thank you
dun you just love the real Thai ?


minchow said…
So thoroughly unassuming a location - I would have dismissed it too easily! But hold on, is there crabstick I spy in the noodles? Surely that cannot be right?
Anonymous said…
Good golly, the mango rice so literal one har? Mango ON rice. That's it? :P
its such a casual place and so simple n easy food. You are sharply right that those reddish streaks are indeed crab sticks ! we never noticed then with all those smiles etc and yeah glad that you mentioned it so now the story of good Penang Assam Laksa with fish balls have resurfaced !

And so too the story of a best Chinese CKT stall in SS5 PJ ( FAM )without lard fried by a massive Hokkian Chinese lady in a Mamak shop with a massive appreciating Malay crowd ! Happy New Year !

its just like that , with 2 types of sticky rice. We love women literally naked with only the G strings unattached now that you mention it
LOL ! Happy new year !
choi yen said…
Y I didn't c this? I went there last Sunday, I love those Thai Food Fair, foods are cheap & yummy :)
ling239 said…
is the mango rice good ? ^_^