the standUp bread

If you like , you can place it on the palm of your left hand. And request for a plastic cup to hold the heavier tea with your right hand .

then you will save 20 sen for the dowanted banana leaf and 10 sen for the glass cup replacement . 30 sen savings is not bad right ?

But its good , not oily and feels frail , light n flimsy ( like its gonna fall apart ) and can make sound as you bite into it. The shiny tri-pot with the tri curries are decent too.

But for RM 2.70 ?
one teh tarik one roti canai ?

sure onot you still want ah ?

( the) Kedai Makanan Raju
Jln Gasing


sc said…
well, raju's famed for pretty good but expensive food..a known fact to me since i was started studying and working in KL :)
Precious Pea said…
Last time i greedy and went to order fried fish and sotong to go with the roti canai...very very expensive leh!! I had roti canai and teh o this morning at Bestari, RM2.40 only.
Penang Tua Pui said…
veyr unique standing roti....
J2Kfm said…
with fame, came fortune.

but still wont break a hole in pocket lah ...
People still going there in droves, so where there's demand prices will go up lor.
worldwindows said…
The location is superb and with the space of a large al fresco area it is the location + location. Couple with relative ease to park with lots of shady road shoulders its location + location + location. The roti as many attest is the best around. Forget about the meat part. Eat it when you have temporary insanity.
I can hear the crisp and crunch of that roti, man. :D
sc/pp/world windows/LL
they have a good spacious location , decent food and an army to ensure prompt service together with Big Tree under which might explain the gigantic crowds.Another plus is the freshness of the fries but their curry is not outstanding. We dislike their predatory pricing tho & and sincerely wish somebody could teach them a good lesson in humility

the roti's texture and taste beat the other famous one in S 17 , PJ Kanna by a whisker , tho both are premium hot shots. But Kanna has better curries

their pricing is suspect

it really has that sound, a sign of sonic edge craftsmanship !
Nic (KHKL) said…
those days when the macD roti is way more expensive than the malaysian pizza but now the range is shrunk smaller than the growth of our tanahwater. it might no be a happy meal set afterall. sigh....
CUMI & CIKI said…
will the real roti bakar, please stand up.. please stand up... ;D
ling239 said…
this is one of the most expensive mamak place leh...:p