same shop, same stall , same pair of hands

for around 20 years , 300 days a year

same dull like h@*x signboard , in Taman Tun , KL

same tired looking stall
...those caps

same slanting angle of the plastic chopsticks
over topped fried onions
but much less chili sambal
now seems a lot drier

luckily nearly same price @RM3.70

actually her prawn mee was good
those days...


Michelle said…
WAS good?
hmmm.... because of the less chili sambal or....??? hahahaha
HairyBerry said…
same slanting angle of the plastic chopsticks??

omg! that itself is worth the RM3.70.
Anonymous said…
Same same same for 20yrs, who's not growing up? Taste bud of yesteryears remains.
its called hand fatique

ya , thats authentic !

20 years, somethings gonna gice...