royal secrets

Its so interesting & so Malaysian . Like a Lost World. The best is nearly all the time so hard to find. Damn if you follow the sign , damn if you don't.

Anyway you must be near the Kg Attap / Sg Besi areas ( South Kuala Lumpur ) to get your bearings. Better if you say this one ah near the Istana Negara ( what ? ).

Lets say you finally did find the Bellamy Road ( against insurmountable odds) !
...the backyard / backStreet / backlane of the Agong (Malaysian King) 's Palace . Goodness !

Then B-kwik & try the first shop , like everybody else after surviving the harrowing lost highway experience.

afterall they diligently serve the opulent King , and some secret conoisseurs
so must be really good !

They are , but will not cost you a Kingsly arm & a leg since they
only have fins & tails & plenty of bones

btw the lady Boss ( we like her ) is so friendly so dun scared

ikan bakar ( fish on fire ) 1st shop
Jln Bellamy Kuala Lumpur
dun say where , ok


Simon Seow said…
Ah, you found my ikan bakar place lol.
Thanks. Will definitely go and check it out. The ikan bakar looks yummy!!

The Malaysian Explorer
worldwindows said…
Bellamy in the King's hill. I found it when I got lost. Ironic. The grilled fish looks good.
Anonymous said…
Ahh, nothing like a nice, friendly lady boss... Gives an added flavour to the already fine, fine food, no? ;)

P.S. Merry (belated) Xmas and Happy Nu Ear! :D! said…
If I try to find this place I bet you I'll end up in Seremban.

haha. but looks good...

we only had time to take some burning fins and bones , but we will be back !

msian explorer
tks for dropping by and good that you are setting up a travel blog !

thats the serious problem with Malaysian hotspots in general , they seem so secretive and/or so lost ! many rave reviews here from other food bloggers too

merry christmas and a happy new year ! we shall be having a longer chat with her soon

then you can happily try the siew pau and the beef noodle in seremban !