the price of convenience

Every neighborhood has its favorite specialist foodstall.

In Chinatown SS2, PJ there is one such place , just beside the Police Station.

On weekdays before 9 am you can easily recognise it by the patient Q of people, mostly in office attire with the occassional retiree armed with a thick newspaper under the elbow and " hope still got " kind of nervous gaze..

The classic illegal immigrant squatter wall-less spartan inside will reveal the trademark plastic tables and chairs and the hurried pace of clanking utensils.

Nobody seems to eat with the hands here though this is a famous Malay dish.

RM3.50 ( with 2 spoonfuls of C+ spicy cockles )

The forced wrapped much lusted in an unbreakable brown paper is decidedly messy . No plates are used here , thus the 3 clever Malay "waiters' here save doing the dishes ! And of course the capital investment.

Some people swear its the best nasi lemak they have ever tasted !

the dangerous attacking looks of the resident rodent killer !

RM4.50 ( + 3 strands of B- sambaled sotong 'cuttlefish' )

generally satisfactory from grainy fragrant rice to
the usual frill-less monotonous but efficient look-alike same color additives

but we think the price is precariously on the high side...

... for some convenient reason


Precious Pea said…
This is our family fav nasi lemak stall. Started eating from this stall since i was 8 y.o., yes, those boys there almost same age as I am! Their quality very consistent and it's so addictive, i crave for it every weekend. Ahh...i know i will miss this very very much when i migrate. :(
wheres the A+ nasi lemak when all i c is B and Cs?
Penang Tua Pui said…
nasi lemak is my favourite la... since this is PP favor stall.. then sure mus try liao lor.....

thanks for the sharing...
Anonymous said…
Hehe, I know this too! Used to stay in SS2, me quite near the bomba pulak (there's a nightly burger Ramlee stall there). Ahh, we all miss SS2 when we are away from it... :)
worldwindows said…
Reminds me that I have my favourites in Dang Wangi, Tmn Melawati and Sunway. But far away now. Make do with mamak nasi lemak.
J2Kfm said…
only in the morn?
beside police station got something there meh?!!! hmmm ...
HairyBerry said…
a whiff of the santaned rice in the morning that makes a nervous gaze can be very scary, especially if the cute office girl in front wan 20k packets for the whole building, some with less sambal and more chicken or less. but we wait and hope...for the yum and cheaper price too....
Ciki said…
we know this one... nice! especially the sotong (janggut) and the beef rendang... where is the makcik? looks like her boys have taken over rite?
Tummythoz said…
Read/Heard so much about this place but still farrr for me .. especially early morns. *yawn*
then you must try never to migrate,
until you discover the secrets of this SS2 NL !

NL seems to be many ppl's fave snack, as proven by the patient crowd , the longest of which must be the Tanglin ( Lake Gardens ) KL one

you got go sing da songs and dancing the upstairs one ah , above 7-11 , beside the Caesar Club ah?

genuine mamaks generally fail in the sambal dept which is machine grinded mostly and also got no additives like the janggut, but be careful...many of them take the bungkus ones from the backstreet mak chiks

this one also near BHP station and very fast finis , but seriously we rank it below the top 5 in Klang Valley , mainly becoz DIY not allowded and very spraying fast fast messy and can get both your palms samballed and rice dropped

so you know about this girl huh ?
bungkusing many k-paus to feed her storehands and legs before teabreak ?

we believe the mak and pak chiks are now relaxing in their up in da Hills bungalow with 1 silver Lexus and 1 Kia Carnival plus 1 more Harrier near the Alpine Hills or issit Bkt Antarabangsa west of east wing Hulu Kelang?

then you no needs to wori coz KL got badder ones ( RA / Antarabangsa remember?)
Selba said…
Hahaha... I like the dangerous attacking looks of the resident rodent killer... Can tell from there that the nasi lemak must be really really really yummy :D
A+ is RA in Jln Raja Rbdullah Kuala Lumpur and A- is Tanjung Puteri , Sri Hartamas

tks for visiting ! yes this place is crowded in the mornings and well patronised by the nearby office crowd and residents
Ciki said…
sigh.. that's the life! i want to retire like.. tomorrow! haha