the pe(Darling) of KL backStreet

Long before there was food blogging , there was this street. In the heartland of old KL. A kind of sentimental T junction where the roads become a kind of bazaar after dark , where you can get everything under the sun , from original faked watches to legalised pirated Microsoft softwares to stolen virgin kisses and glorious backlane food , as the case may be.

It draws local and foreign tourists and lepakers including gluttons each day from 7 am till tomorrow. Also a backpackers haunt and a petaling for cheap thrills , and the authentic medicine man & woman . An exciting place for pleasure seekers cum adulterers in this pulse of the otherwise lacklustre city.

the dimunitive meat stuffings that give the popular black noodle dish its name. Usually 3 or 4 of them in separate bowl with soup

an endearing Chinese noodle favorite across the world
glistening with the world famous oil
and the unavoidable meat for all seasons

The yang of the series , green cilli pickles in sauce . A must have sidekick in this kind of pursuit , or your sensations will be off key , and you will be left wondering what's all da fuss.

the place , amongst admiring travellers

wanton mee with also can eat braised until tender n soft chicken feet
in da petaling of KL backStreet

Petaling Street Kuala Lumpur
the Chinatown

and birthplace of the backStreetGluttons...


Tummythoz said…
Your posts seem to be coming fast & furious.
Somehow I'm not a fan of this stall but since it's a BSG recommended, I'll try again.
J2Kfm said…
still remember the HUGE jar of green chillies for taking. let's hope nobody puts back theirs in there.

so it was THE birthplace of BSG.
Ciki said…
koon kee is just ok only.. the charsiew not burnt or fatty enough la...
we recently acquired a hsdpa device which enabled us to blog anywhere , even while eating ! we shall soon write about this !Tks for conbsidering our sidelane reommendations

we consider this place the mecca od Malaysian backstreets tho our no 1 is the streets of hatyai

infact you are right ! the food is average mostly but the ambience OMG , the dirt , the rats ...those women ,the drians...
worldwindows said…
Those over-air-conned souls need to come out for a real sauna in the backstreets shopping/eating then followed by having a refreshing mata kucing drink.
minchow said…
Hmmm will pass on the experiential wantan mee, and have RM5 worth of the much more practical stolen virgin kisses to go!
Unknown said…
i see chicken feet.
yum yum yum!

is the chicken feet nice or not?
HairyBerry said…
once upon the street, a hairyberry grew from the alkaline-rich koon kee wantan mee. he loved the assymetrical cuts of green chillies, the tough but sweet and no karlering char siew and the luscious dumplings. oh and the silky smooth mushroom (starch) and chicken shreds. yes, he still love it still because some nostalgia is supposed to remain. and simply because, the taste is still very ok lar.
Ciki said…
yar of course! i love peDARLING street for the dirt too! haha... where else can find?!
Ciki said…
by the way,any recomendations where to eat in Hatyai? we want spicy and plentiful! haha
trouble is many are scared of rats and the beautiful mess

we shall wait patiently !

the thick skinned feet is ranked no 5 in kl.firm with good grip

you certainly sound like our lost 7th bsg !

hatyai the area around the epi centre of Lee gardens and pink lady are all full of food.You should of course not miss the street trotters and big prawns all over the outskirts. for more call us ! better still bring us !