Old Town in old town

The trick is to sound very old , so that you can be trusted ( even tho you have just been here 2 weeks only ) .

Then you recruit some young unknowledgeable aliens to be waiters/resses in nice looking white starchy short sleeves with rustic brown caps so that they look clean & dependable and do not talk too much while at work.

Speaking in English to the overawed customers is strongly encouraged.

Next, you position yourself at an ancient place of a strategic front cornerlot , like this...
so that all can see how old you really are

such a handsome young interior !

impress all with this new age ō series healthier eggs ( RM1.25 each)
the modern young old men & women
in a new flawless hip & trendy young designer bowl

for which you have just stunned them slippered clad oldtimers sitting outside , with
...a preview of one of your astonishing new styles

welcome to

old town Petaling Jaya !
in-between Jln Kelang Lama , Jalan Templer , Jln Pencala


choi yen said…
I like half boil eggs :)
minchow said…
Hahaha, the posts here always crack me up! Old Town is a curious marketing success isn't it? I'm old-chic, not uncle-Bata slipper-old but old nevertheless.
some mamak shops r still better !

we think they are doing fine and a superb case study for marketing aspiring gurus !
we love oldies, we feel so secure...
& so wanted
Simon Seow said…
Like their half boiled egg too. There's one Oldtown in my taman. They're like everywhere nowadays.
they seem to be loaded but we prefer them to old taste and many other more old new kopitiams anytime !