nobody does it badder

SS2 , PJ 's unsolved mystery

Squeezed tightly in the middle fighting for breathing space , this plain looking eating shop in busy SS2 deserves an advanced level discourse on military / management / entrepreneural strategies worthy of a Phd thesis .

It is just like another typical ( Mamak sounding ) rice restaurant catering to the nearby residents and office workers by day. Its uncanny menu / strange location / unbroken secrets tho ...attract college students ( probably on endless final study tours ) and team lepaks in droves.

Each night , like the dreaded Count Dracula , the metamorphosis into a monster food mall spreading sideways by several hundred meters completes like clockwork precision , outflanking 10 to 30 other shop frontages , even in competitors' frontyards ...with impunity ! of the greatest Malaysian food stories ever told ...and the restaurant even other restaurants talk about ...


Haha, the comparison to Count Dracula noted... I am guessing you're not Murni's biggest fan?
johan said…
SS2 is a big place, do give the address or a sketch map pls
tigerfish said…
you are badder...not enough food photos ;p
CUMI & CIKI said…
sri murni sticks out into competitor's frontyards with impunity eh.. funny they haven't been torched by the neighbours yet... haha.. i thought ss2 full of gangsters wat, rite? ;P
he isn't too ethical if you ask us !
and obviously very greedy

tks for visiting. Go to the main SS2 area and see KFC. The shop is behind KFC and same row as the LEO Cafe / Public Bank. Call tel 016 971 2723 and we can direct you there. Closed on Sundays

the food spread is just like an Indian Muslim shop with nasi campur , noodles etc. You can cook better we believe

now that you ask, they were torched by the MPPJ in October 2008 and closed for 1 month but subsequently doused with plenty of ringgit. They are now safely under the esteemed protection of the SS2 Chief Gangster MPPJ
Nic (KHKL) said…
nobody does it half as badder bad as you,
murni, you're the badder best.

one fine night V R gonna come with U and do something really as BAD !
ling239 said…
yes, yes...
and as if they own the whole street!! hahahaaaa.....