unbeatable Chinatown

Sg Buloh New Village , the furniture powerhouse of Selangor is towards Ijok/Kuala Selangor from Kepong, Damansara Perdana or Subang Airport . It is a harsh & messy cowboy town with rubbish littered narrow lanes , dangerous lorry drivers and their smoky machines , uncountable motor workshops , choppy pot holes , broken drains and YES !

... eating stalls/sheds/shacks in every corner...hanging ducks , swimming fishes , da meat...so many choices

Do not be put-off by the forever unfinished dusty road repairs near the entrance nor the terrible mis/broken signboards . Instead , be brave , just ask for ( kampung ) Sungei Buloh Lama, as you skilfully manouver your state-of-the-art vehicle into

...a whole new old world of non-stop fattening

the shop , in-between RHB Bank & Hong Leong Bank

starting with this super smooth & tender white Chinese chicken thigh and a plate of flavored rice
& 1 chilled red can of coca cola
a marvellous combination

after this you will be left wondering why all these years you have been wasting your time talking about Lou Wong in Ipoh, Bentong Kee Kee ,SS4 PJ & famous Ipoh Chicken Jln Gasing , PJ

now that you are impressed you can continue to part next of your adventure


ling239 said…
nice and smooth chicken... price is very reasonable too!! ^_^
Jason said…
Haha.. I like the last sentence :)
Selba said…
So hungry right now after a look at chinese chicken especially with the description of super smooth & tender.... *slurps*
Julian Si said…
Nice write-up :-)

Merry Christmas and Happy NEW Year to each and every one of your team!!
Tummythoz said…
Sure or not that good? *in a defensive stance* I'm a staunch supporter of Lou Wong.
minchow said…
Harsh & messy cowboy town - how apt! A number of areas in KL spring to mind. A dalliance with thigh-rice-coke... impressed to the hilt! Next!!
if ever you in near the area it is a good try, smooth like silk


for too long we focussed on the wrong chickens and had to find the real thing near the backstreet, again

Thanks and Merry christmas and a happy new 2009 and may you eat gloriously everyday !

we are in an attacking mode, YES ! the chicken is better

we will look for it but its easy to find if you come from Sunway Damansara , pass by many BKT restaurants.furniture shops near BHP petrol station on your left, then turn left just after BHP and then look for RHB Bank

We can sense that you are indeed one of our long lost future hitmakers with the anything can superb attitude ! Happy New year!
HairyBerry said…
THIS IS CHINATOWN! well put. with pun choy nearby to boost and red bits of firecrackers and lotsa dialects, it doesnt get any chinatowner than this. and traffic like petaling street oso, sometimes.
choi yen said…
e.... I saw blood on the chicken =.=''