one man 1 woman

side by side ... thru thick & thin

the accidental flavorsome couple

He in white shirt is standing behind her , she the yellow one is in front ( your right )

He doesn't want to talk much & he expects you to do the same for he rather you just go and sit down and wait. He strongly believes the really authentic RM4 Penang Curry Mee ( you see above ) should do the talking . Din you know the troublesome Q was just told to disperse a minute ago , how nice . Fine , lets wait

She loves the attention and can even wish you RM4 Merry Christmas ! How wonderful ! Her balls are no pushovers for they are really attractive, solid and bouncy and slightly on the larger than normal sizes , take a closer look below if you dun believe . You may press image to enlarge them to get a badder feel yourself

Best tender feminine balls in PJ I tell you !
here so many people love them round and firm

Its okay here ( Chow Yang ) area, SS 2/10 , PJ
all the way opposite end from Restoran Kayu

whatever the contrasts , they are good

fish ball noodles
curry mee


joycy said…
Love the pan mee in that shop.
Simon Seow said…
the curry mee look more santan than lorong seratus tahun, will give it a try.
we have uet to try this , tks for info

it is just a shade lighter taste than
the 100