kopi-O RM1.30 , pork mee RM4.50

She waxes lyrical over this pinky can become brown , dark , even black fix-it while Big One craves for it without shame & tummy tholzs about it night n day. ( click red highlights to read exclusive true love confessions )

high on Putrajaya's Hit List

... a gulletful of whoring odours
2 killer poly-mono/unsaturated-glyceratedtrans brown bullets
the ultimate apocalypse ...

and final fantasy for doomed men & women

over in ( a short ) 55 potent minutes

along the main road to SS3, Petaling Jaya
exiting from Taman Megah
look left , corner lot

note :
pork mee ( chyee yoke fun , KL/PJ version ) is fresh pork cuts ( mainly innards & other lower grade body parts ) boiled in a single pot of salted soup poured over noodles in a separate bowl.

Quality is key here in this famous PJ institution with the Master Chef's tedious concentration on the signature 1 pot of boiling brew to 1 customer no matter how long it takes.

So expect no idle chatter with him ok, nor with the sombre wife. Lets wait


Anonymous said…
A final fantasy? I hope not! Let's say it's a dream we can revisit over and over again... ;)
choi yen said…
That "zhu yau zar" 2 small pieces only? I always ask for more :P
minchow said…
55 minutes including waiting time, I'm assuming? Coz no way it'd take that long to polish off that one bowl of goodness!
Selba said…

Like the way you put the word "quantum of" and "solace" on the pictures.
Penang Tua Pui said…
Fei fei is NO to spare parts....

me .. heehee.... nothing stop me..

I am Huat Koay....
hahah yes i crave for it like no tmmw..
Feedmelah.com! said…
drool... drool... drool drool drool.

The pork noodles look damn good.

drool... drool... drool drool drool.


joycy said…
I love kopi in their nga lats ...
authentic brew!
we mean a final for today only ...

no wonder , he says got not enough oredi !

that should be about the right time before the office calls , except weekends you gotta come before 11am

doing our small way to promote JBond

we are also scared of spare parts, especially the powerful liver and the hard pipe

definitely good for 1 something billion ppl

actually last time his brother in Subang Jaya near carrefour was better but now dunno where is he after he shifted, anybody know where is he now?

welcome to bsg, the everything also can eat ppl ! Wow another old world kopi connoisseur...
Ciki said…
good kah? i haven't tried... hmmm.. hope i find it..
ling239 said…
we called this the "45 minutes pork noodles!!
that is the minimum wait time ~ :p
its good to meet the smiless papasan, not the best lah but famous

som ppl say he's kocky !but we think he's overburnt