hot tongue in cheek

KL, compared to some other Asian metropolis , is considered rather tame . We have doubts when some well travelled Malaysians , ( Big Spenders from the Malaysian Tourism Industry) say we have some of de best ( gosh !) gastronomical offerings in the world !

They say they know what we have...those world class things... but dare not or will not ( or don't know how) to tell people what those are ! that cursed viagric BKT non-sense from Klang .

Let us tell you now
It is as delicious and as potent as that unmentionable Chinaman thing
near here ...a street with the rare Indian name

You can catch a wonderful glimse of the KL Tower ,
neighboring Heritage Row , Kuala Lumpur
( opposite Wilayah Shopping Center )

In the far eastern corner, the broken shed

the sensational sup lidah dalam torpedo
( bull tongue & bull p )
both in hot soup ...again

The mamak's answer to BKT
" halal ", but not for traditional Indians

confused ?
don't be , just enjoy !


Anonymous said…
What a gastronomic experience and at RM8, you are oready getting a bull, how many do they have to kill to serve say 50bowls?
worldwindows said…
It's like eating cows' tendons. Have it in Thailand with noodles. If I recalled the name, "tua nerng, nerng tua" translated "thing one, one thing".
Anonymous said…
BKT Halal? I like the sound of that! Inventive, aren't we Malaysians? :D
Ciki said…
sup lidah dalam torpedo !!! it's no cock and bull story eh.. its the real stuff!!!! haha
HairyBerry said…
let's add the soup kambing to make it the ultimate malaysian gastronomic ultrasonic panoramic culinary adventure called (bkt and co.).

when they see too far without any purpose, they will come lost. no wonder the flights are still flying (making money??) and the makan-ners from the west are still flocking solely to the deeper south. sigh...
tengok ada lebih oomph then tongkat ali..
Precious Pea said…
Nice ar??? I don't think I dare to put that into my mouth. But got Ommpphhh after having that?
it really depends , for 50 bowls normally they become smaller and smaller, why maybe 100 ?

world windows
the gear box in kelantan also has those kind of things even the bone marrow where you suck with straws. also got in Restoran Jaring , Sunway

indeed we are , but those people we elect to serve have badder masterful things to do , like building castles on hill slopes

wanna try ? with el montana brandy ?

While our Masters who us slaves elected only enjoy Alaskan Lobsters in Helsinki & wine with halal caviar over unalcoholic Louis the 13th together with their wonderful sons and daughters on their final laps of an aspiring double Masters degree in fine culinary arts & Life Pleasure at the Swiss International University of Wine & Dine

shioklah ! malam jom lagi ?

some ladies just crave for it , tongues and all the longs
choi yen said…
tongue ar, quite "geli" for me :P