Gluttons at work in da Morning

Winner ! , best traditional Malay Dish
2008 Kuala Lumpur

best taste
best price
best DIY
best look like in da kampung
best well-behaved crowd
best straight line Q
most cash found in cashier's drawer
best security ( near Big Police station )

the scene , roadside
the place , the shed here
Jalan Raja Abdullah , Kuala Lumpur
(near Dang Wangi LRT Station)
Saturday 8 am 6 Dec 2008

Less than 10 side dishes surrounding the
White Gold in the rustic brown Wooden Pot

nasi lemak RA
4 a few ringgit more

a KL KlasiK
a BSG recommended


Wah that pot of white gold nasi lemak that kept everyone queueing up. My favourite chili sotong ooh sedap lah.
ling239 said…
really no idea where this is...@_@
That is one BIG pot of nasi lemak! *drooollllsssss*
Nic (KHKL) said…
a seductive whiff of santan!
will come! will come!

recommended by da team somemore!!! :)
betul sadap !

its time we show you already !

this ones for you, wherever you are

see the crowd be amazed. Its safe ( but then not safe) coz got many policemen and policewomen here