Gluttons at work in da Morning

Winner ! , best traditional Malay Dish
2008 Kuala Lumpur

best taste
best price
best DIY
best look like in da kampung
best well-behaved crowd
best straight line Q
most cash found in cashier's drawer
best security ( near Big Police station )

the scene , roadside
the place , the shed here
Jalan Raja Abdullah , Kuala Lumpur
(near Dang Wangi LRT Station)
Saturday 8 am 6 Dec 2008

Less than 10 side dishes surrounding the
White Gold in the rustic brown Wooden Pot

nasi lemak RA
4 a few ringgit more

a KL KlasiK
a BSG recommended


Anonymous said…
Wah that pot of white gold nasi lemak that kept everyone queueing up. My favourite chili sotong ooh sedap lah.
ling239 said…
really no idea where this is...@_@
Anonymous said…
That is one BIG pot of nasi lemak! *drooollllsssss*
HairyBerry said…
a seductive whiff of santan!
will come! will come!

recommended by da team somemore!!! :)
betul sadap !

its time we show you already !

this ones for you, wherever you are

see the crowd be amazed. Its safe ( but then not safe) coz got many policemen and policewomen here