girl & boy in da city centre

She's always there , with that impossible grin as you gawk at her on the way
and Up
among the hundreds of hurried feet dashing

lookee left

the awesome

She charming , so fresh , so lovely

1st Strike ... team Bread Shop

unleashing the famed beh-tahan yede-oldie kopi aroma

... trapping yet again the worshipping incoming shoppers/gluttons

Crisp & warm body. Dripping creamy wet as you enter.
one tender touch RM1.80 , ( errr...I mean bite )

He is so satisfied

Kuala Lumpur
pls alight from KLCC LRT Station


minchow said…
Face that says "I'm worth it!", buns to die for indeed...perfect union in the heart of the city!
he is good and she , gorgeous while we ...

...could be your balance 450 ml of the complete package !
ling239 said…
the bread looks so fluffy!! ^_^