3-in-1 cholesterol delight

Penang prawn / pork / egg noodles
in hot soup

stylish deep n sharp looks
classic stinking heavy aroma
( pls click on image to confirm)

hare mee "ong" ( King, or Xtra version) RM7
fully loaded with

1. 1/2 egg ( with 1/2 yolk )
2. 3 3/4 naked prawns ,
3. quite firm 4-piece meat

on white n yellow noodles
in a mildly spicy watery prawny brew
( extra spicy addictive is optional)

crowded beyond belief most days , most times

the one that almost has it all

Paramount Gardens, PJ
( near Giant Hypermarket)

a bsg Top 3 Coffee Shop ( Kopitiam )


J2Kfm said…
the one that ALMOST has it all.
except the clotted blood.

i stayed away from those stuff, imagining the yuckiest possible taste, only to discover the jelly-like, and addictive nature of them when i had them in mixed innards porridge.
ling239 said…
hahahaaaa... trying adding sotong, big prawns, pig tail, intestine and the pork ribs!!!
it will be above RM10 per bowl...:p
Ciki said…
yup yup.. only O&S and Champs! does it the way we LIKE IT;D
indeed most delicacies are rather unhealthy if you really think about it !

ling 239
maybe more like the champs fella

yes !
Penang Tua Pui said…
clotted blood with prwan mee?... mee ..something new to mee......

but it is very expensive la...
Penang Tua Pui said…
btw... anyway to get contact with u.... thanks.... just drop us a mail at penangtuapui [a] gmail.com
Tks , you can contact us at