crisp & juicy bbq meat on springy noodles

The stall inside this coffee shop is the envy of the other fellow stalls.

He & wife has orders by the tens and hundreds per hour while they await the odd fallouts from the give-ups and the impatients.

The best noodles stall in Mayang Mas / Aman Suria , Petaling Jaya , that strange and unlikely other Gluttons Zone in-between Tropicana Club & Taman Mayang .

Look for no. 747, terribly run down, as usual
but with the bunting of great pride standing strong

The immense breakfast & lunch crowd comes for this kingsly plate of
slurps with the black charred toppings

proudly home made long slim noodles and
home caramelised soy sauced burnt & glistening fats

The amiable & harmonious pair and 2 Indon helpers work so furiously to serve all & sundry.

Do not worry , once your order is taken they never forget ...even if its another 30 minutes before you finally settle down quietly in your lucky corner to enjoy simple noodles the way it has always been , with no frills nor drama

This 2nd choice looks so gorgeous and so inviting , but we will recommend that if you must have it , leave out the black chunky meat & fats for the curry gravy is already so full of taste that one more flavorer will destroy the much-craved familiar senses.

Excellent bbq char siew should never be drowned in excellent curry , for that would be an unmitigated disaster of epic proportions even if it costs only RM4 a bowl


zwan said…
can please give exact location, blur la...and dying to try going...tell soon
minchow said…
I love the penmanship on the stall sign! DIY old school coolness!
J2Kfm said…
agreed bout the drowning charsiew in curry part.

but wont mind extra char siew in my bowl of curry mee though.

where is this?
Mayang Mas / Aman Suria is a mixed housing estate beside Taman Mayang, PJ and can be reached from LDP Highway from Kelana Jaya towards SS2 , turn left after the Ignatious Church , follow the sign to Tropicana. Watch out for Kayu restoran , the aman suria area is behind Kayu. Go check out the numerous shophouses here , its a corner lot. The place seems messy with limited parking space ! and happy eating if lost call tel 012 324 6808

occcassionaly you will come across such simple unpretentious styles & treats!

curry mee in my opinion goes better with sliced chicken meats and prawns , not char siew.

sometimes ppl do mess up an otherwise fine dish with all kinds of additions like for eg I always dislike rice/sotong in nasi lemak with excessive sambals all over ,looks vulgar and really dirty !

see first comments for directions

zwan said…
thx, sure can find...good good...
HairyBerry said…
the 747 is taking off but always have delays because of the long long queues. i love ckt as well. another uncle lim.
glad you can find it

the crowd is quite amazing, tho they are not in our opinion the flashing best !