winds of change decend on Chinatown

30 November 2008 . 8.30 pm . SS2 Petaling Jaya

many cafes are 3 /4 empty ( getting tiga suku ?)

the undelit street instant noodles (Indomie sponsored) hawker centre dominated by an aging Chinese Chief Captain flanked by efficient Team Mamak still draws the young chatty Canto nite-crowds with the trademark Iswara,Wira,Gen 2,Waja,Vios double parked.

Its signature dish the dark fried instant MSG noodles (indomie goreng satu telur RM2.50) & the 'keep you awake all night long ' teh tarik (RM1.20) is a compulsory menu!

Meanwhile on the other bright side , the more famous fluorescent enhanced Chinaman food court in the center, the much bigger Medan Selera has more people.

Tho...only 1/2 full. Nothing like da old days...

snapshots at night ( sign of the times )

Brace yourselves folks, for we think the Mother of all Storms is acoming from the Wild West


Anonymous said…
Even the SS2 Wai Sek Kai is affected, hor? Ah, and so the downturn begins..
Little Inbox said…
Because the place is outdated or because of the economy down turn?
judging from the throngs of ppl at the shopping malls last weekend, i think they were all bz shopping and not eating la!
its coming soon

little box
tks for visiting. Its hard to say , maybe more choices everywhere, new food courts , new malls but we know for sure business is down nation wide !

we were in 1 Utama before coming here and the crowd is vibrant ( and conspiciously the many Parks are quite empty eg Kelana Park , changing healthy Mall Lepaking lifestyle ? ). Kinda confusing
minchow said…
I don't know, it sure doesn't seem to be affecting the crazy mall traffic over the first sale weekend!! Maybe the approach is, compromise on the grub, but NOT the shoes!
Tummythoz said…
Don't mind a rejoinder to 550ml jar of faith .. shoes last longer on racks than food in tummies.
Ciki said…
everybody's eating in!!! sad
J2Kfm said…
i was in KTZ SS2 the other night. same old same old ... so boisterous and noisy crowd one.

and shopping-wise ... Joe's right.

the crowd's crazy on Saturday!
worldwindows said…
It's like Ipoh Tong Sui Kai where I lived in the midst of its carnival-like glorious past. Centre of Gravity is shifting to the malls in the suburbs. Streets are also getting hotter by the years. Many are brought up in air-con comfort since young and can't stomach the street's heat!
shopping malls have their own attractions and drawing power and can be addicitive to many window shoppers and ppl watchers ! Food tho can be postponed as yes, there is still maggie mee. The current crowds could we believe be due to the year end holidays and Xmas promotions and the general fastive atmosphere

now that you have mentioned it , maybe there are few real gluttons around, food being last on their multiple priority list

KTZ is the odd ones out, having created a niche for the youngy lepaking fathers' daughters and girlfriends' boyfriends with its heart catching menu

world windows
customer demographics do change with time , and we suspect even faster now with the changing world economic malaise. the next few months esp after the CNY will be telling
k.t.x said…
dont really know if this place is cool, although i doubt it, but i sure miss the malaysian spread....hehe. these chinese spread is getting abit boring u know? lol. but tsingtao is always good. hey, come on over, i buy u a dozen...serious. lol.
thank you for the can-die-one invite ! We must come !