Charming old KL

You know its old because it actually looks old . And really untidy !

We have a strange feeling Bandaraya ( City Hall) of this great city has left it like this ( almost in ruins ) , just the way it was long ago when certain Chinamen were a force to be reckon with.

Which explains the intersecting 2 Chinese names here aka a dreadful mini Puduraya Bus Station look-alike with its many stationary fume chocked buses.

The red junk sign confirms that you are indeed at the right place !

You can always enter from the back if you prefer. It looks damn narrow but large enough

Ah ! Our favourite sidewalk in da backStreet !
so immaculately nostalgic we wanted to cry again

This impeccable bloody ! brew is what we came for , RM5.00 + 60 sen ( rice )
guaranteed to turn your stomach , all 10 dark cubes of them !
+ some soft tender tasteless tofu to cushion the blows ...just in case

So interesting so old KL !

the salted vege meat & red jelly soup + white rice
when the sun sets until tomorrow
opposite RHB Bank
Jln Tun H.S.Lee right angled to Jln Tun Tan Siew Sin ( off Jln Tun Perak )
in the middle of Kuala Lumpur

verdict : must try


Tummythoz said…
Ahhh one of the rare spots serving red jelly in KL.
Btw, hapi holidays (not that it's super special since you guys seem to be holidaying whole year round).
J2Kfm said…
clear broth with pig's blood?!!!

ahem, not sure if it's up my alley.

curry gravy still ok.
haha, Tks and happy holidays too !

it doesn't taste that good anyway, just the novelty factor !
HairyBerry said…
it used to be the one at kwong yik bank that this berry even when he was very young. the best and totally irreplacable. lurve it!
thx god still got old ppl left !