buffet 4 everyone

When the panicky Gomen in June 2008 raised the price of petrol to 270 sen from 192 sen a litre , the nation was stunned .

We were flabbergastedly amused however when the numskulls then proceeded to pay back car owners ( albeit only for cars under 2000 cc ) a kind of reverse tax amounting to a few hundred ringgit a year , as sympathetic compensation , such were the childish antics of the shameless financial maestros running our dear hapless country !

Today 3rd Dec 2008 , the same petrol price has now been fixed at 190 sen. OMG ! WTmf !

Sorry to those who haven't yet got the compensation !

But never mind , you can still enjoy a feast like we do , paying only a fraction of those found at fancy cool n hip cafes !

Sunway Mentari , Sunway , Selangor
one of the best value chap fun shops in town
choice of around 30 dishes

sunway mentari , sunway ( 2 of many)
40 dishes this and that

SS3 , Petaling Jaya
maybe 25 dishes
but can find even sambal ikan bilis petai ( a BSG top hit ) here

All prices in ringgit Malaysia.

finally... something
down 2 earth
cheap &
as good as can be


worldwindows said…
Yes 'chap fan' that raised many brilliant minds and put them through college. I remember paying RM1.20 in 1982 for 4 dishes. It is 4-5 times the price now but is still cheap. Mentari one is good. My wife used to ta pau from there.
when u saved enuf money..u splurge for pork belly!
Ciki said…
sambal petai is the best.. but don't stand behind a person who eats it then PHarts..! haha
Anonymous said…
One of the first chap farn stalls I ever visited was the one on the upper floor of sg wang plaza...I felt like I was drowning in a sea of aluminium dishes. I am still in awe at the amazing selection there, although I do acknowledge that there are others out there that are better....one of my favourites is in brickfields. Haven't ventured to Sunway Mentari, yet, but I must say it does sound very tempting. Our Malaysian smorgasbord beats any others out there...Malaysia boleh indeed.
HairyBerry said…
actually, freedom begins with chap farn. it is thru this gorgeous spread that we reach deep into the gloriness of our taste. we often take this spread for granted and spread other things instead.

thanks for bringing sexyback, team! ;)
if the shops are clean and the customers dun talk a lot in front( on top) of the dishes ( haha ) then its the best food for the money

on a proportion of say
1 is to 20 ?

we got you , babe !

we have read about this place some years ago in the NST. Economy rice either as nasi kandar,nasi campur or mixed rice still feed 90 % of the eating out crowd ! One fine day we shall dine alfresco stall to 99 stalls in pasar malams , also a great Malaysian tradition , semuanya bolih !

chap fun was where it all began, and yes !
one more sexy for you !