big lunch long dinner

In smaller towns , a Chinese Wedding Feast may consist of up to 10 dishes and takes up to 3 hours !

The first 3 dishes will be impatiently swept clean , with a noticeable slowdown after the 4th dish and from the 7th onwards, a labourous struggle ensues as the bloated guests anxiously await the grand finale of the cold dessert ( 9th or 10th).

above, the lunch at Kg Cina, Sitiawan ( Perak , Malaysia )

below , the dinner at Kg Koh , Sitiawan

Sitiawan's numero uno of fish maw and sea cucumbers in sweet sour hot soup

the staggering 10 course Hock Chew RM270 a table wedding dinner

to be a Glutton is not easy at all


Michelle said…
270 a table wedding dinner?
you must be kidding me...
prawns, sea cucumber, fish n all..
you sure kar?
Rasa Malaysia said…
The dishes are different, maybe it's because it's Hockchew?
worldwindows said…
RM270! KL's salary and Sitiawan quality of life and living. Dream on....
minchow said…
There ought to be more investigative work on the sequencing of the courses - the lull happens between 4th to 6th, when the heavyweights like the fish arrive. What gives?!
tigerfish said…
so next day breakfast no need to eat already...
Anonymous said…
*laughs at tigerfish's comment*

So true lah. :P
J2Kfm said…
referring to tigerfish comment : actually, those in smaller towns tapau and have them for breakfast the next day ... =P
at least we did last time in Sungkai.
ling239 said…
interesting sweet and sour soup u have....^_^
yes dear we are sure

no frills kampung style, also because some traditional Hock chew favorites

world windows
but now these same folks suffer from a severe drop in oil palm prices !

550 ml
that will be a fantastic study !
we hope to do it together next round , with videos !

...and lunch too. In fact it is std practise for each table to be provided with plastic bags to take away remaining food each table , in a kind of descending seniority basis...

maybe we can tapau tof next bloggers meet !
Unknown said…
i remember when i was a kid at wedding dinners, i always look forward to the longan with ice desserts.