BIG , fat & ugly

greasy and very very dark...

BUT really highvenly gorgeous with the golden brew
tai lok meen ( big, fat & flat noodles in black sauce + lots of luck ( lard )
RM13.50 ( with Carlsberg small )
one of a few hundred such divine & ugly combinations

at da so very tight noisy corners
found in such great abundance here in the
hot and dusty happening place with the unique oriental ambience

then can shop till you ( or she ) drop(s)
beware ! always bargain downwards by at least 38.88%

Petaling Street ( the Chinatown )

a BSG no 1 place for Chinese street food
Kuala Lumpur


HairyBerry said…
this is where we will find Betty in all it's glory. the hairyberry is still very much in love with the bettyish wan tan mee from koon kee here. d'lish.
Precious Pea said…
Sure looks good. Nothing beats a good plate of Hokkien Noodle which is quite hard to find nowadays. Must make a trip down to Petaling St since CNY is just a slightly more than a month away.
sc said…
this is my fave of all fried noodles.. what big, fat, ugly? it's more like glistening dark knight to me :p
worldwindows said…
Petaling Street, so much to offer. I think this Thursday we will visit our old haunt where. Once a point of time we visit it once every 2 weeks for food. The porridge with pig's spare-parts near Kwong Yik bank for example....
minchow said…
What a fabulous combination! You have redeemed Petaling St redeems in my books, after my lacklustre CCF breakfast outing there!
come come we need to get higher through all these rainy mess !

here we always enjoy a mug or 2 with de losted Australians thinking this was Hatyai

you must be talking about us

are you talking about the morning sizzling one where the raw becomes cooked fish ? then you better come before 8 am !

so great we have him broughtthe real macho him back to your arms , again... !
Penang Tua Pui said…
tai lok min us Fei Fei favourite.. always hunt for one if he got chance to do so...
ling239 said…
the noodles are really fat!
but why are they so short...>.<"
Ciki said…
long, dark and handsome.. and greasy! take me back to chinatown!
Anonymous said…
Greasy magic these fat noodles have. Normally I drink a different sort of golden brew, but I have to agree, BEER is best with this. Yummmmmmee.
its one of the most aromatic pungent noodles dish with the sambal

we also dunno why !

come we r gonna hijack you there !

beer is da drink for da noodle !
we always do that