best combination

here we go again ...

only a few more nights to X-mas

compliments of the nyonya chef ( RianaGreen, check his other recipes ) and
dave deli ( 1 utama ) , happy hours a jug RM36
roast pork complimentary ( only to bsg )


Complimentary only to BSG? What if BSF brought LFB (Life for Beginners) along? Complimentary jugak? Lol.
mimid3vils said…
Dave Deli serve pork???
Nic (KHKL) said…
i see some brandy/whiskey/bourbon glass there to go with the delicious, envious green roast pork that the poor me has to just see and drool. arggghhh...
CUMI & CIKI said…
i realise that turkey is tradition, but sometimes i think i prefer pork roast to turkey.. ! the ones i get to eat are too dry (turkey).. at least the pork would be succulent!
ling239 said…
Riana Green got Nyonya chef meh ? XD
sure can one dun woeei

Big pork too !

pork here waiting...

you are right of course, thats why turkey is never a regular dish here in asia. roast pork is Hakka's ultimate dish and the prime meat of all time !