backStreetGluttons return to da alley

have leg & wings can drink

the backpackers haven in the old-new-old street
Kuala Lumpur's love-hate backstreet xtraordinaire
whats da name ?
( last v heard ) its still called Jalan Alor ? ( Off Jalan Bukit Bintang )

a new Thai sensation RM8
BKT beware , its damn good
as you can see
succulent ! ...totally wet
da golden chicken wings from
end of the road Wong Ah Wah's
charcoal chamber
RM2.10 a flight

3 class acts not to be missed in KL


J2Kfm said…
hmm, i have yet to taste those wings.

they should open for lunch ma ...
Anonymous said…
Wong Ah Wah. They're the classic standard. Btw, I love the way you phrased this: "RM2.10 a flight"

minchow said…
Have legs and wings can drink... you betttttt!!! That Thai pork feet and the backpacker shot makes Jln Alor look like Khao San lite no?
choi yen said…
How's the pork trotters rice? Nice ar? The stall near where?
Tummythoz said…
Echoing mimid3vils, where's the stall of those gorgeous legs?
unfortunately they couldn't coz they need tha Big night car park for the Dining Hall

we r learning from the great life Beginner.

gosh , you are another one of us

mimi/ tummythoz
just nearly opposite the WAW !
HairyBerry said…
RM2.10 one way plus got bkk taste to take away bkt. where can beat? where can beat?
Anonymous said…
I never get tired of Alor, both the selections at lunchtime and dinnertime. The pork trotters, I have not tried...I guess this warrants another visit SOON. :-D (and fark the diet!)
Ciki said…
alor alor alor ... i like the sound of that name!

most things here are good... ikan panggang, pork ball soup, thai food chicken wing... gimme gimme gimme :)
k.t.x said…
BSG abangs! wassup? alor was where i stayed during my earlier years oof KL invasion, and u bet, everywhere i go and visit, jus somehow have quality...and that includes my hometown..hehe.
tigerfish said…
alamak, hungreee....:O
of coz , now that BKK is in a mess, all da more reason to go Thai in Alor

about 2 years ago WAW struck you ladies and one FBB , and so it all began while some of us were dozing ( upstairs )

ya you can have us all !

welcome home shenzen hero !

here got many fierce men one you know
ling239 said…
BKT Thai style ? hmm....
wat abt the herbs ? :p