too young to remember ?

...its gold 2 B 4ever old

, PJ is probably the most vibrant eating zone in the Kelang Valley . The Mondays only pasar malam ( 5 to 9pm) with its fantastic range of street/stall food is incomparable, having achieved cult status some many years ago. Its many "upstairs one" hairdressing saloons are legendary. And who can forget the mother of all food courts ' Medan Selera,SS2 " in the central square !

Many new shops/cafes come and go here and the turnover is fast ( remember to check first to see whether your "best in da world" noodle/kuih shop is still here before you bring your outstation friends over !) . You never know unrecognisable young ones still rush here....furiously this shining Old Taste Ipoh White Coffee (SS2, PJ)

situated on the Big 2 level corner lot , the other end of the KFC row

Hip n Trendy wi-fi plus oldies nostalgia they tempt, setting the trap for the
new breed of
under 2.0 kg laptop-on-the-coffee-table
left hand holding nokia 5310
right hand holding her
post adolescent youngish crowds

The Malaysian favourites we had tasted average, served by an army of black uniformed aliens ( probably) , in Xtra large shiny black & white bowls with food neatly displayed (RM7 to 9 a bowl / plate ) , ( RM3 to 5 a cuppa ) & (RM 5 to 8 for colored juices )

The "i m older than u" ambience is a shade or 2 away from the more matured even more old but polished Old Town White Coffee , who has more handsome (white) dressed waiters and classier older looking ( ya mean rustic , dear ) tables and chairs.

Both provide exceptional convenience ( n need we say comfort) , so its worth a visit ( especially if you need to bring her somewhere fast , say upstairs maybe ...)


Precious Pea said…
I thought it was Old Town Kopitiam! I guess this is a better place (cleaner and more comfy) to hangout out as compared to hawker. Heard the Leo's behind not that good.
ling239 said…
looks very similar to Old Town leh... so shd we give it a miss then ? :p
tigerfish said…
Old this, Old that, for old pple?
choi yen said…
Never been to this Old Taste, too many similar kopitiam :P
Tummythoz said…
They have several branches in Klang valley. So the kopitiam fad not blown over yet?
Anonymous said…
To be honest, they didn't really offer the best food when I dropped by but I will say they have decent service... the lady behind the counter even introduced me to some decent music by Emi Fujita.

I guess I'm unlike most people: I can forgive lousy food but not lousy service! So, they get bonus points for decent service in my book.
sc said…
i still prefer old, noisy, without air con kopitiam with a good charcoal toast, half boiled egg and end with kopi susu. what to do, i'm old school kampung girl at heart..hehe
Anonymous said…
Does anyone remember the kopi tiams back when we were all kids?

I barely have an image of what they look like left from my memories and I can't find any old pictures of what they used to look like.

But I remember it used to have simple fans swinging above, marble tables (which were really small) and the floor used to be tiled with those very small bathroom tiles.

wow that was a long time ago.
actually one of the problems with our hawkers in general is cleanliness and hopefully these new oldies can help to revamp this bad image , at least to overseas tourists. Leo's SS2 is quite ok if we remember correctly.

no, you must try it coz we wanna hear form you

no, its meant for young people who want to become more matured and seasoned LOL !

haha , old is best ( issit ah )

they will be fine as long as the migrant labour don't take over the kitchen

emi fujita ? so exotic ! anyway we can forgive bad food and bad service if the price is right ! But not otherwise esp in these kind of high class hawker joints. One will come across your kind of experience off and on

thats the way to go dear lady ! we too , us too me too

infact this kind of ( nostalgic) image you can still find in Melaka or even Penang. Check them out we are sure of that but remember to ask only the old ( like 65 years old ) locals
HairyBerry said…
wifi, coffee and got upstairs somemore! all the right ingredients for a great night. all night long upstairs. perfect!
wahdi said…
Too bad...Old taste is too simillar to Old town..
Ciki said…
did i see you there in ss2 on Monday?! i thought that was you! haha
Hazza said…
SS2 still one of my favourite places to visit when hungry in the evenings. What is it about Old Town coffee? Saw them everywhere but not tried it.
you got it perfect ! that upstairs corner , at the edge...

the problem with followers, welcome to BSG !

It was us ,we , me alright ! Why are u always soooooooo busy ! Nex time dun fogit to sit down and talk about all those xkstatik runs in da jungal ok

they have now more than 100 outlets and is a new old sensation ! food is average but clean and super convenient ( like old men)