rough & chunky, a little sweet a bit hot

surely it is a mixed-up !

indeed it is !

Everything else has changed in 20 something years , except this
saucy reddish brown cuts and bits of
fried dough , fried tofu , crackers , this and that plus what nots

another Malaysian all-time old-time favorite
normally hidden in the strangest corners

...for a few ringgit only so don't scared

Rojak Manjung
(banyak faymus)
Sitiawan Plaza
Off town taxi stand

'rojak' is a Malay slang word for mixed , mixed-up and the dish is
sometimes referred to as pasembur and believed to be of Indian origin


J2Kfm said…
oh read this yday.
thanks for recommending.
sitiawan plaza???? The Store ah?
Anonymous said…
Wah, another rojak post? Read a couple already another food blogs...Now I really have a hankering for ROJAK! ;D
Ciki said…
a place i have yet to visit, sitiawan!
worldwindows said…
A passion from the past! Not many good ones around. This eatery looks good and clean.
opposite the store , near the overhead bridge

rojak is last stand one

then its perfect !

its clean , having won a Food Citation from the local council
HairyBerry said…
rojak should be the national dish of malaysia simply because it's rojak. and it's sweet and tasty.

certainly cheaper and tastes on par with a caesar or a waldorf. i like!
sigh .. can see but cannot more sitiawan food ler... =(
Michelle said…
oh well.. malaysia all bout rojak
rojak orang.. rojak bahasa..
rojak makan.. rojak minumm...

how r u guys?
long time no "comment"
Anonymous said…
Love all kinds of rojak, but not all places serve good ones. This looks delicious, but not sure when my next trip to Setiawan will be. :-(
ling239 said…
wat style of rojak is this ?
not mamak right ? :p
its something you take when others are too pure

ok , we shall move on to another food court ! with bigger chunks !

V R still awaiting to activate your love shopping cart , we being the first products...

Sitiawan should be a fine place ( near paradise) where eagles soar and lemongrasses refreshes da soul

this one is Malay shop , boasting of 28 years unchanged taste