the red meat of a billion curses

craved by many millions
of course it must be thickly saltily sauced , with solid meaty fragrance
and permeates with boiling oozing steam . Then the white rice plus sommore
chopsticks for the twisting grip

in the name of Bak Kut Teh
essentially a Malaysian Chinese domain

bak kut teh is a herbal medicinal broth originating from
port town Klang ( Selangor , Malaysia)
there are 100 known versions across Malaysia
and about another 100 unknown sub-versions


Anonymous said…
I just love the yam rice that goes with some places that sell BKT. Does this one?
Ciki said…
it may be the red meat of a billion curses.. .but i'll curse more, if i cannot have it! haha
i curse u bcoz im too lazy to go to klang to eat BKT!!!!
ling239 said…
four in one ?
so which is the best ? ^_^
actually there are some shops with fried onions for your topping , including yam rice or oil rice. try the ah sang BKT in SS3 near the Indian temple.Those shown dun heve.

thats the funny part, the forbidden food

Jln Imbi also got so many, no need to go Klang !

the best is the one we haven't been with you ( seriously)