peaceful Chinese bamboo basket buffet

Chinese Cuisine is famed for its great diversity, legacy of the all-conquering Emperors fresh from their Conquests creatively pampering themselves vigorous with abundant wild women first and 2nd, passionate food.

Indeed the eunucky Palace Officials' sacred duty was to scorch the heavens & earth to come up with newer, faster more rejuvenating elixirs & tonics , so that his royal highness...

...may feast & play errr , like a proper King ... lest his angered Majesty cuts off a few more organs.

But then Triple Eyebrows Dragon King , in turn , to appease his long suffering concubines, will never fail to ushure one more stunning "dim sum" , a bountiful yet subtle, yet gentle , so warm and forgiving...... culinary masterpiece guaranteed by the Imperial Heavens to sooth even the most jangled nerves.

...that extra smooth flowing banquet flavored by 18 secret ingredients from the backyards plus 88 fragrant herbs high up in the 9 mountains .

And so the spillover treasures from a few thousand calming years has descended upon us mere mortals to share today.

First stop in Damansara Jaya , PJ . Corner shoplot ( near RHB Bank) Hong Kee.

A KL Big food bloggers favourite small jaunt.

2nd Estacy the Damansara Utama one ( near Village Park) , for a more than 30 maybe 50 different types of steaming hot......char siew pau, Chinese pastries , signature pork fatty meat bouncing balls , chicken feet , century egg porridge , flat noodles , sticky rice and etc and etc. Not forgetting also got prawns in slippery transparent skin.

The price of your dimsummy affair fluctuates around RM3 to 4 something per basket/silvery plate . A normal eater should be happy with 3 baskets ( RM10 ) while a Glutton will not stop until he hits minimum 8 ( RM 25 , for prosperity )

the authenticity of the above introductory notes has not been verified by reliable sources


Anonymous said…
Sounds like a brilliant Sunday's breakfast to me! (And I just noticed the "Unfinished Buffet" banner at the top of the blog --- very cool. Kinda like an Oriental/culinary version of The Last Supper?)
we intended it such becoz our indulgence was always interrupted !
pls! who stops at 3 baskets?? hahah i think 8 is still a wee ok..shud make the two figure 10!
worldwindows said…
Always like your posts with the 'twists'. But this time the pics are not there!