old Flirt

he's in a terrible rush , this Oldy.

Already reached his Century I tell ya
classic rustic dark woody lines
this senior cuppa prima donna with the whity color

drawing the hip cool youngy crowds
no doubt , white is de color

a new dimension in brown paper wrapping

hundred year old memorabilias hanging loose ( or issit sag )

what a crush !

falling in love all over again with the ultra modern suave Old Man

Old Town White Coffee ( old man is coming to town )
KL/PJ/ everywhere at a place near you


tigerfish said…
How I wish the Old Town near my home is as quiet as this is. ;p
sc said…
this old man is so prominent now that you can see him in almost every established town! old man leaving his mark i tell ya :p
Anonymous said…
Interesting how sc refers to this old man...this old man, he play one, he play knickknack on my drum....
Ok old town is almost everywhere but they seems to do it big and those rustic chairs reminds me of CKTang in Spore..
Ciki said…
we hardly eat here.. not a fav la.. lol
HairyBerry said…
the old flirt steps up to further flirty flirt on the cyberspace as well. thanks to cyber wifi love....it doesn't get more convenient than that....
Tummythoz said…
Think this old man is going a bit overboard with so many outlets. Standard dropped.
Anonymous said…
Still, only like their nasi lemak. Even the ice blended orange yoghurt is too sweet/sour.
choi yen said…
Only think of it when I'm craving for half boil eggs ;)
so u had fun flirting with the old man drink?
but inside not quiet you know

last we heard he has gone to small towns also

maybe its the experience the youngies are looking for which explains why old is gold

then you must love us we are below 18

yeah wifi is young matching ppperffectly with old

definitely true , as with some other chains , even Great Mcdonald

the ambience is clean enough

decent place for quick snack and wifi

haha not flirt oldman la , but with the counter gal only
ling239 said…
too bad quality is inconsistant!!